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Review For Game & Watch Gallery 3

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Description: Five of Nintendo's classic Game & Watch handhelds, together in one cart. Game & Watch Gallery 3 brings each these classics in their original form, and an updated version that takes advantage of the new technology. Basic but addictive gameplay makes this a fun diversion.

Axem Rangers
The Good: Well, if you have a Game Boy Color, and you like fast repetitive action, this game is for you. If you own a Game Boy and like a wide varity of games look elsewhere.

The Bad: The secret games and Fire only have a old mode, no modern. Oh yeah, then there's the thing wrong with every game except Super Mario RPG. WE'RE NOT IN IT!

The Ugly: Mario is supposedly the expert jumper. (even though his Ultra Jump couldn't defeat us) So why is Toad the one sent to jump across birds' backs?

Favorite part: WE LOVE STAR MODE! It's AWESOME to be Yoshi in Egg and eat food at the speed of light!!

Least Favorite Part: The graphics on Game Boy are blurry and awful. Get a GBC.

Gold Yoshi
The Good: I like geting stars and geting other games too.


The Ugly: None

Favorite part: Geting something new.

Least Favorite Part: See the bad.

The Good: This game has great music and earning many stars by playing games to earn secret stuff and other games makes this hard to put down.

The Bad: Some games get way too fast, but if you want a challenge there's no problem.

The Ugly: Getting one point away from a star and then getting a game over.

Favorite part: The music is great.

Least Favorite Part: The classic version of egg.

The Good: If you like old arcade games, Donkey Kong, Mario and others, this game is for YOU! It has over fifteen awsome games (My favorite being DK Jr.)!

The Bad: Star Mode!! I HATE Star Mode. Trying to get 40 or more stars...

The Ugly: MMM... In Turtle Bridge, what does Peach want with Mushrooms, Yoshi Eggs and Star Men!?

Favorite part: Awsome gameplay. DK Jr. is great.

Least Favorite Part: Not a one.

The Good: Spit Ball Sparky and Mario Bros. modern are too damm good!

The Bad: Could get repetitive

The Ugly: Greenhouse Star mode is WAY TOO EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Favorite part: Star mode on Mario Bros.I've got 1000+ points on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Least Favorite Part: Turtle Bridge classic is too god damm hard!

Super Markio
The Good: This game is absolutely terrific, and quite possibly the best in the series. It oozes with fun and good games, and poses quite a challenge to boot. A quality Nintendo title worthy of a purchase.

The Bad: Some of the games are a little repetitive and not as interesting as others, and this includes the Classic games. However, you need to play these to open up the full potential of the game.

The Ugly: The packaging on the UK release (not sure about other releases) was drawn worse than the picture on the cart (which was virtually the same). This baffled me, and no, it isn't a pirate cart!

Favorite part: Playing Modern Egg, Turtle Bridge and a couple of others is incredibly fun.

Least Favorite Part: Sometimes the controls are a bit slow on the uptake, and you lose a life because of something wrong with the Control Pad - very irritating.

The Good: Basically, the modern mode. It's easier, but less boring. I loved getting 1,000 points in easy mode, modern, Mario Bros., then getting over 1,000 points in hard mode. DEFINATELY the best Mario game. They even fit Wario and Bowser in. Wario drives a truck, and Bowser reverses progress. The DK Jr. game...Egg...greenhouse...Turtle Bridge.... just some of my favorites. I also like the idea of hidden games. Sweet.

The Bad: I can think of none, and if you can, die.

The Ugly: none

Favorite part: The first time I played it...Blockbuster rental... made it #1 on the "I WANT IT!!!!" list.

Least Favorite Part: None

Mario Fan
The Good: The differences between the classic and modern modes. In some cases, it's like they're two different games. Also it has great arcade style action.

The Bad: You have the link up to earn all of the stars in the game. I think two player modes should be optional, not necessary.

The Ugly: In the Mario Bros. game Mario and Luigi were more like bakers than plumbers.

Favorite part: Unlocking all the hidden games and seeing the end credits.

Least Favorite Part: Trying to pass Flagman in Easy mode. It took forever.

The Good: The egg game where Yoshi must eat the eggs and try not to eat the Bob-ombs

The Bad: The turtle bridge game

The Ugly: Nothing really

Favorite part: See good

Least Favorite Part: The Mario Bros. game. It's nothing like the arcade game.

The Good: My opinion is that the best Mario game there is, it's tough at 90 points in easy mode, and it's challenging in hard and star mode.

The Bad: Not being able to play modern mode with the extra games.

The Ugly: Same as bad.

Favorite part: Getting star mode in mario brothers

Least Favorite Part: Same as bad

G-Graphics S-Sound C-Control O-Originality R-Replayability
Reviewer GSCOR Overall
Axem Rangers7410910 40/50
Gold Yoshi1089810 45/50
Danny9108810 45/50
PCKid99798 42/50
Ant10108910 47/50
Super Markio97779 39/50
Eric1010101010 50/50
Mario Fan101010109 49/50
Shyguy1010101010 50/50
Raichu75829 31/50 About the site. All Rights Reserved. All content contained herein is property of SMBhq. SMBhq is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are copyrights of Nintendo Co. Ltd. More legal info. Privacy Statement.
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