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Review For Game & Watch Gallery 2

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Description: Five of Nintendo's classic Game & Watch handhelds, together in one cart. Game & Watch Gallery 2 brings each these classics in their original form, and an updated version that takes advantage of the new technology. Basic but addictive gameplay makes this a fun diversion.

Mark Kelly
The Good: This game has everything the first game had and more. Other than the useful Classic/Modern game interface, there is also the chance to win stars for every 200 points you get in a game. Win enough stars and you will uncover whole bucketloads of secrets. And to top it all off, it looks absolutely lush on the Game Boy Color.

The Bad: There is a fun element in the game, but once you have seen past it there is no turning back. That's right, this game will have you hooked like a fish. You will eat sleep and drink G&WG2 as though it is your destiny to cook that food and feed it to Yoshi. You will lose valuable hours of useful living time in this case.

The Ugly: There are some games that are just downright annoying, and yet to win stars you have to master them. Modern Chef springs to mind.

Favorite part: The Parachute Modern game. It is definitely the best selection.

Least Favorite Part: Trying to win games I hate for stars I want.

Steven Reich
The Good: Very nice graphics and sound. Actually uses stereo sound. Donkey Kong (modern) is pretty good.

The Bad: Repetive nature of games gets boring quickly. Too frustrating.

The Ugly: The devil in Chef (classic).

Favorite part: The music room

Least Favorite Part: Having to get 200 points for star.

The Good: 5 of G&W games in one cartridge you can play parachute, helmet, chef, vermin and donkey kong. It has a modern mode with your favorite mario characters

The Bad: Classic mode is much harder

The Ugly: Nothing

Favorite part: Playing donkey kong and helmet a lot of times (in modern)

Least Favorite Part: Need to get lots of points to get stars (each 200 points=1 star)

The Good: Modern mode!

The Bad: Classic mode

The Ugly: Classic mode

Favorite part: Modern Donkey Kong

Least Favorite Part: Classic Chef P.S. IT'S A SEQUEL! HOW CAN IT BE ORIGINAL?!

The West Virginian
The Good: The Modern games are simple but very fun. Tons of secrets.

The Bad: The Classic games are tedious. Colelcting stars can soemtimes be a pain.

The Ugly: Those weird stick-figure guys in the Classic games.

Favorite part: I can't get enough of Chef or Donkey Kong.

Least Favorite Part: THE INCESSANT BEEPING!!!

Donkey Kong
The Good: DK`s is cooler then the first 1 (modern mode)

The Bad: None!!!!!????

The Ugly: classic modes....

Favorite part: Having 40 pts in the start of helmet (just get 9 coin's)

Least Favorite Part: none...........??????????

The Good: I liked this game because it has 5 great mini games in one cartridge.

The Bad: I hate having to get stars in classic mode.

The Ugly: Getting a star was very hard. (200 pts.=1 Star)

Favorite part: I liked playing Modern helmet.It is very fun.

Least Favorite Part: The beeping in classic mode.

The Good: It's kinda fun, in a small and lazy kind of way. Most games have a fair chunk of replay value.

The Bad: A retro pack! How lazy! Remember Namco Museum? Popular, It was not! (I like them though)

The Ugly: No.

Favorite part: The games. And the theme tune's kinda catchy in my opinion.

Least Favorite Part: Ball. The hidden game. It's hard and tedious.

The Good: It is a thing to do on your spare time

The Bad: It has no adventure, you do the same thing constantly.

The Ugly: No.

Favorite part: I like the helmet game, it is easy

Least Favorite Part: None

The Good: DK modern and the museum.

The Bad: Chef Classic

The Ugly: YOU CAN'T GET STARS IN STAR MODE!! Beeping! Weird little classic stick figure people.

Favorite part: Having 42 stars

Least Favorite Part: Getting 1014 points in DK modern and getting no stars!

G-Graphics S-Sound C-Control O-Originality R-Replayability
Reviewer GSCOR Overall
Mark Kelly977810 41/50
Steven Reich910974 39/50
Orlando101010109 49/50
Yoshi10109210 41/50
The West Virginian781049 38/50
Donkey Kong587610 36/50
Neil101091010 49/50
DizzyFan66869 35/50
Joe1181071010 45/50
Bomberman926810 35/50 About the site. All Rights Reserved. All content contained herein is property of SMBhq. SMBhq is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are copyrights of Nintendo Co. Ltd. More legal info. Privacy Statement.
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