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Description: Four of Nintendo's classic Game & Watch handhelds, together in one cart. Game & Watch Gallery brings each these classics in their original form, and updated versions that take advantage of the new technology. Basic but addictive gameplay makes this a fun diversion.

Erik Winzeler
The Good: Just about everything! Nice graphics, catchy music, souped-up modern versions, the list goes on.

The Bad: The addictability. This game is soooooooo addicting. It can be fun, but it is very annoying when you can't put it down when you are losing and getting frustrated. It's irresistable, even if you hate it.

The Ugly: Many of the classic versions run very slowly and get boring. This is one area of the classics that Nintendo could have changed.

Favorite part: Modern Manhole! One of the most addicting games in the cart.

Least Favorite Part: Modern Fire on hard mode. I still haven't opened a gallery on that one.

Luigi's #1 Fan
The Good: It's very challanging. And be able to play Classic or Modern versions of the games.

The Bad: You have to a way to high score to a medal.It's just to darn hard!!!

The Ugly: Ugly,ugly? Nothing.

Favorite part: Modern Octopus. It's really fun.

Least Favorite Part: I don't have one. I like the whole game.

The Good: These games are FUN! Watch points skyrocket as you get oil, keep people from falling, and get treasure from an octopus! FUN, at least for ME! I luv it!

The Bad: Um...well,the classic mode is harder than modern!

The Ugly: See above

Favorite part: Oh, when in Oil Spill, Yoshi hops up blocks and spits stuff at Bowser, and when you spill oil on someone or drop 'em, or when you whack octopus' tentecles, and a lot more, including getting Milestone stars after playing for decades!!

Least Favorite Part: When you die RIGHT before reaching a Milestone Star...

Darrell Jones
The Good: It's got 4 classic Game & Watch games in it, plus modern versions starring Toad, Donkey Kong, Mario and Yoshi!

The Bad: There is no real goal to reach, which may turn some people off.

The Ugly: Donkey Kong is small, sort of a cross between Diddy and DK Jr, and Toad is deformed.

Favorite part: Playing my fave G&W game 'MANHOLE' as Yoshi, and marvelling at how cute it was!

Least Favorite Part: Nothing. A great game!

The Good: Four Games, One Cart! Brilliant! (To me: Oil Panic - Good, Fire - Good, Octopus - Okay, Manhole - Okay)

The Bad: Very frustrating

The Ugly: Not really

Favorite part: Oil Panic Classic! I think this is the best thing here! As far as I know this was one of the first retro-packs too!

Least Favorite Part: Manhole Modern gets incredibly hectic!

Weird Phil
The Good: Getting a star, seeing DK Jr falling and hitting the ground in fire! Almost everything!

The Bad: The game Fire! The guys fall too fast for me to catch! Plus that Dk Jr!

The Ugly: Look ABOVE

Favorite part: Getting all Five stars in a game! Favorite games (Mondern versions Manhole and Oil Panic)

Least Favorite Part: Same as ugly and bad!

Yosh Man
The Good: It has both modern and classic versions of some of the best Game and Watch games. I love the modern versions.

The Bad: The classic versions run so s...l..o...w. I don't like the incessent beeping either. Gives you a migraine after a while.

The Ugly: Hard Modern Fire. It's impossible to score a gallery. Also Oil Panic. Period. Especially Classic Mode.

Favorite part: MODERN OCTOPUS!!!!! I HAVE SCORED 1000 POINTS+ ON IT!!!!!!!!! Also the cool music!!!!!

Least Favorite Part: Star/Very Hard Mode it drives me haywire!! Especially Modern Octopus! The beeping of classic mode. No don't do it again.....(beep)..Ahhhhhhhh!

Pokemon Hater
The Good: You can choose more than one game and it has the classic and modern versions of all the games

The Bad: The horrible graphics in the classic version and the annoying sounds

The Ugly: The goofy characters in the classic versions and Mario.

Favorite part: The Modern version of the Fire game and setting new records

Least Favorite Part: Octopus and the crappy classic versions

The Good: The challenge was great, and the galleries were fun to watch.

The Bad: The classic might be a little slow, and before you can get any stars it gets too hard.

The Ugly: Three words: YOU BLASTED OCTOPUS!!!

Favorite part: Modern Manhole and Fire! I got 1000+ points on them on the VERY HARD mode! Tip for Fire: To get to the far left very quickly, press left and B at the same time. To get to the far right very quickly, press right and A at the same time.

Least Favorite Part: When I was SOOOOO close to a gallery (799 pionts) and lost.

The Good: If this is your first time playing this type of mini games,I would have to say buy it.It's pretty cool game espicialy with the famous nintendo charcters on it.

The Bad: Need more mini games please.They only have four or actually eight if you include the old versions.

The Ugly: Bowser throwing oil out the castle. If I was Bowser I would be trying to throw Mario out of the castle.

Favorite part: Mario and his brother trying to save Toad,Yoshi,Donkey Kong Jr,from a burning castle. COOOOOLLLLL.

Least Favorite Part: Nope

G-Graphics S-Sound C-Control O-Originality R-Replayability
Reviewer GSCOR Overall
Erik Winzeler87769 37/50
Luigi's #1 Fan876710 38/50
Dreemz78869 38/50
Darrell Jones81010109 47/50
DizzyFan76899 39/50
Weird Phil769109 41/50
Yosh Man910101010 49/50
Pokemon Hater661097 38/50
super1x9981010 46/50
Roland77878 46/50 About the site. All Rights Reserved. All content contained herein is property of SMBhq. SMBhq is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are copyrights of Nintendo Co. Ltd. More legal info. Privacy Statement.
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