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Old Poll Results

The first polls days are over, but the many people who voted still have their opinions shown here. Each category accompanied with comments by me!
SMB2 goodguy:
Luigi Toad Princess Mario
26 22 18 13

A close race, but the high jumping brother tops out. I guess people were bored with Mario from playing him in EVERY other game

Nes music:
46 20 11 2

SMB3 killed everyone else in music, with SMB2's Indian twang getting a respectable second. No one seems to like SMB2(j) though.

Arcade game:
47 24 7

The two-player aspect of Mario Bros. is probably why it got best arcade game, but DKJr. Being so neglected just sickens me!

Virtual Boy Game:
Wario Land VB Mario Clash Dream Tennis
33 25 15

Wario Land is head and shoulders above the other two, but they gave it close competition in the poll

All-stars game:
36 24 8 7

People seem to like the more recent, hitec NES games than the old rusty ones. Even with te same graphics in each, the new gameplay elements helped SMB3 and SMB2 win out

Mario puzzle game:
Tetris Attack Yoshi Wario's Woods Yoshi's Cookie
25 20 16 14

This list of puzzle games was VERY incomplete, but you get the idea.

Fav boss:
Bowser Wario Wart Tatanga
43 7 4 0
3 votes for Bob-omb king 1 vote for: Naval Pirahna, Axem Rangers, Smithy, Potted Ghost, Wiggler, Kamek & Baby Bowser

Bowser totally killed everyone here, but at least Wart and Wario got some votes (erhrm, Tatanga). The biggest surprise was bob-omb kings 3 votes in the last week of voting!

Koopa Kid:
Iggy Roy Ludwig Von Morton Jr. Larry Wendy O. Lemmy
16 16 12 9 7 4 3

The glasses are the most cited reason for roys popularity, but Iggy doing so well is inexplicable. Morton, in a close third, because he's just so cool. Only the girls seemed to vote for Wendy =(

Game Boy Game:
27 16 11 2

SML2 improved on SML's gamepaly, without skewing it so much as SML3. I think DK should have gotten more votes, just because it has SO much replay value.

Flight Item:
Tanooki Suit Flight Cap Racoon Tail Cape
22 21 9 8

Why would ANYONE vote for the racoon leaf when Tanooki is there. A close race between the old fashioned but cool Tanooki and the recent, more hip, 3D Flight cap, with the suit just barely winning! About the site. All Rights Reserved. All content contained herein is property of SMBhq. SMBhq is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are copyrights of Nintendo Co. Ltd. More legal info. Privacy Statement.
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