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Review For Donkey Kong '94

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Description: A continuation of the original Donkey Kong. Mario must resure Pauline from the evil ape, but this time he has more than 100 levels to go through to get her! Tons of new moves and a variety of levels make this stand out from the original

Alucard The Undead
The Good: Keeps the atmosphere of the classic D.K. games, and adds soooooo much more.

The Bad: After you beat the game, challenging your own times doesn't seem like a big replay value.

The Ugly: Those sheep things!!! Ack! Get them away! Aaaaaaahh!!!!

Favorite part: Finally realising how the heck I did that backflip.

Least Favorite Part: Trying to beat the final boss. He's hard as heck!

The Good: Relive the old Donkey Kong classic at home on your Game Boy.You can also save your game.

The Bad: Get's boring after a while.

The Ugly: Nothing

Favorite part: Making Donkey Kong fall.

Least Favorite Part: Boredom setting in

Mark Kelly
The Good: *click* went the switch, *bading* went the little Nintendo logo... *BADADABAAA!!!* cue the catchy music... the game hadn't even started and it was obviously going to change the face of Mario games forever. Head through 90-odd extra-challenging levels in a sort of puzzle environment, grab that key, get it to the door and chase that Donkey Kong. Every four levels beat that monkey up, meet Donkey Kong Jr., save the day, run across the Mushroom World, excellent music, graphics that the Game Boy should be proud of... need I continue? This is definitely THE game to get for the Game Boy if you've exhausted Zelda and you love all those tricky Nintendo puzzles.

The Bad: Sometimes, some levels may prove too tricky for some players... but that's what a puzzle game is all about. Learn the game well... as it will hook you in and not let go until that final confrontation with the Kongster atop Kong Tower.

The Ugly: Hmm. The Mushrooms that shrink you. They suck.

Favorite part: The final battle with Kong and the music that plays through the credits. It is worth completing the game just to see it yourself... woohoo.

Least Favorite Part: Some levels make me grind my teeth to this day, only did them first time round by fluke.

Meta Knight
The Good: Every time Mario defeats DK, he completes the world. That is great.

The Bad: None

The Ugly: None

Favorite part: Defeating the giant head at the top of DK's tower.

Least Favorite Part: None

The Good: Tons of new levels and moves. In the origanal DK, Mario could only fall half his height without dying. I DK'94, Mario can fall over 5 (more or less) times his height and not die.

The Bad: WAY too many levels. Most of them are very hard, and in some levels in World 6, a strong wind will constantly push Mario to the right, increasing the difficulty a ton.

The Ugly: DK is too darn STUBBORN! He leads you through cities and forests and jungles and even through an army plane and an iceberg. UGH! When will DK ever run into a dead end!? I just want to make Mario smash DK with a hammer until the ape's in pieces.

Favorite part: Pelting DK with his own barrels and watching him smack into a wall in one of the cutscenes. and to beat as many levels as possible in one sitting.

Least Favorite Part: Having to play bonus games even though I'm already maxed out on lives.

David Rogers
The Good: A long and fun game that is very hard to stop playing.

The Bad: Some of the levels are too tricky.

The Ugly: Most of DK's allies.

Favorite part: Getting up to 99 guys and start all over and beat the game without a game over.

Least Favorite Part: DK's a jerk.

The Good: I love this game!!!! It's like the original Donkey Kong, but except Mario could do backflips and handstands and much more!

The Bad: The level when Donkey Kong copies Mario off of Donkey Kong Junior!

The Ugly: Look above

Favorite part: When Mario gets to throw the barrels back at Donkey Kong!

Least Favorite Part: There's just about 100 friggin' levels on that game! And every time Donkey Kongs on the ground , he stomps the ground so Pauline could fall and he could grab her.

Diddy Kong
The Good: This is awesome because it combines action with puzzle. It's really addicting. You have to be good at jumping, climbing, swinging, and dodging, but still be clever to figure out what switches to flip when or which enemies to throw where.

The Bad: I don't think there was anything about this game that i didn't like except that I would have liked to see some sort of action-bonuses like a short side-scrolling level.

The Ugly: Nothing ugly but the fact that most enemies you can't kill on your own. It's sort of like SMB2 (USA) as far as you can pick up most of them.

Favorite part: I like the fact that it has much better controls and graphics than the original Donkey Kong. It has the first four levels, plus at least fifty more. And you get new moves like the backflip and swinging.

Least Favorite Part: I just remember rushing to do something and falling too far down and dying.

The Good: DK and Mario. Cool Puzzles.

The Bad: Level 8-11.

The Ugly: No Luigi

Favorite part: The cinema between 2-8 and 2-9.

Least Favorite Part: Last boss.

The Giant Plumber
The Good: Nostalgic value, challenge, getting to kill Donkey Kong again. Ah, memories...

The Bad: Gets REALLY hard in places and no matter what you do, you can't beat the level without screaming your lungs out in anger and frustration. No replay value.

The Ugly: Donkey Kong dances. What the heck does he dance for? Mario must have wet feet, because he squeaks when he walks.

Favorite part: Bashing those stupid barrels with a hammer. Bwahaha!

Least Favorite Part: Getting so frustrated that I threw my Game Boy on the ground and almost broke it.

The Good: Nintendo has taken the original Donkey Kong and added TONS more stages. The game is incredibly fun and addicting. The map screen is simple, but set up very nicely. This was the first game compatible with Super Game Boy and it looked great.

The Bad: Not a damn thing! This is a one of, if not THE best Game Boy games.

The Ugly: DK Jr. After all these years, I still don't find him cute.

Favorite part: Playing the original stages from the orignal game and then having it turn into something completely new.

Least Favorite Part: Finishing it.

G-Graphics S-Sound C-Control O-Originality R-Replayability
Reviewer GSCOR Overall
Roarz989710 43/50
Mark Kelly10101099 49/50
Meta Knight1010101010 50/50
Marioll89101010 47/50
David Rogers667910 38/50
Shyguy1010101010 50/50
Diddy Kong65899 37/50
Adamant101010109 49/50
The Giant Plumber86975 35/50
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