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Review For Donkey Kong

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Description: Help Mario climb up a construction site to rescue Pauline from the evil Donkey Kong

The Good: Mario is the bad guy this time around. Very refreshing. It's Mario's first adventure! And it has quite a nice ending for it's time...

The Bad: It was a short arcade game (4 levels), and an even shorter NES cartridge (just 3). Nintendo cut out an entire level, as well as the "How High Can You Climb?" cut-scenes, not knowing what an NES cart was capable of holding at the time.

The Ugly: Mario is weak in this one...he can't withstand the slightest of falls (or jumps).

Favorite part: Fooling the fireballs in the final stage (they think theyre so smug and smart...)

Least Fave Part: Beating level three...and then starting right back at the beginning. Thats always a downer.

The Good: Well it is fun exept level 1

The Bad: Level 1 is realy hard

The Ugly: None

Favorite part: Beating level one!

Least Fave Part: Beating level three...and then starting right back at the beginning. Thats always a downer.

King K. Rool
The Good: This game is a classic, it has a good challenge for someone who has never played it before, and those who have should have a good challenge getting the high score.

The Bad: It's TOO short!! Come on, 3 levels??? Then when you are done you have to start over again.

The Ugly: Mario's walk. Why does he make that squeaking noise when he walks?

Favorite part: I love getting the hammer and smashing those stupid barrels!!

Least Fave Part: I HATE passing level one! Just when you think you've made it, DK throws a barrel right at you at hyper speed.

K K. Chan
The Good: It's kinda fun to play with it and feel nostalgic. It's good fun, actually. Overall, this game is worth your time. It's not crappy, not at all, considering it was way back in 1981.

The Bad: Well, Mario can't even survive the slightest falls. He doesn't seem to be Mario that way. Also, game is too short with only 3 levels. The replay value is very limited.

The Ugly: Donkey Kong and Pauline look weird. Who's Pauline, anyway? How come I don't see her in other games. Other than that, nothing else struck me, because the game is so short.

Favorite part: Using the hammer to smash the barrels is the most fun part of the game.

Least Fave Part: The sound effects are annoying. I hate how Mario dies.

The Good: The game. I hate mario!!!!!

The Bad: That sound when mario walks....... 3 levels!!!!!

The Ugly: This game is in DK64.....why is it in Dk64!!!!????

Favorite part: Dying

Least Fave Part: Winning

Knight Rider
The Good: A classic old schooler for the Nintendo. Its pretty much like the arcade, and had good graphics for the time period. Its one of those "golden" games, one that everyone's heard of.

The Bad: It's missing a level and some screens, but Nintendo didn't know the cartridge limits back then.

The Ugly: Are you crazy, Foo!?

Favorite part: Seeing Donkey Kong fall on the last level.

Least Fave Part: Dying on the first two levels while climbing up the last ladder to Pauline.

The Good: It was the first Mario game ever released

The Bad: It has such bad control.

The Ugly: How DK looks. Also, how Mario's shoes 'have to' squak and squeal! He sould oil them with oil from the can at the bottom of the screen!

Favorite part: Makin' DK fall!!!!

Least Fave Part: Nothing, really...

The Good: DK and Mario's first game.

The Bad: It has such bad control.

The Ugly: On DK64, you only have one life!

Favorite part: Using the hammer.

Least Fave Part: NO LUIGI

Jeremy Huntick
The Good: It's a classic ! This was the first game where Mario played in so it's a must have for all Masio lovers!

The Bad: It has only 3 levels. Everytime you end the game you go back and the dificulty rizes (not mutch). Boring... Add the music sucks

The Ugly: Daisy is just standing next do D.K. she can just leave or run away.

Favorite part: To see Mario in his first game!

Least Fave Part: The lousy sound when I died

The Good: The first level is very hard, but entertaining, so you keep trying and trying.

The Bad: The first level is TOO hard. Many people stops when they can't clear the first level.

The Ugly: The Hammer. When you have it you'll have to wait until it wears off until you can climb again.

Favorite part: When you make the first level the first time.

Least Fave Part: Boring ending.

G-Graphics S-Sound C-Control O-Originality R-Replayability
Reviewer GSCOR Overall
Darwin44576 26/50
Wario305710 25/50
King K. Rool448109 35/50
K K. Chan33755 23/50
Juno24510 12/50
Knight Rider78799 40/50
MarioDude41011010 35/50
Cris6410891010 47/50
Jeremy Huntick52965 27/50
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