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Rebuttal to Rant #8, "Off topic..."
By Lioness497

I'm sick of bad Mario websites. Every time I check there is a cheap hack Mario website setting up, with nothing new or original, or done very substandard. These Mario websites insult their subject by the lack of care put into them..
I agree fully. I wish I could help with that, but I don't know the first thing about making a website. I don't even know what a bitmap is.

All you Luigi lovers, jump off the bandwagon. Liking Luigi the lovable loser is all the fashion nowadays it seems. A few people out there...really and truly love Luigi, but a whole buncha people just like him because they think they should...
Well, I am a true Luigi fan. He used to be my favorite Mario character, until SMRPG came along. (Now he's a very close second to Geno. ;)) I assure you, I am not on any bandwagon.

Speaking of Luigi, he ISN'T in SM64. Get on with your lives.
Well, if Nintendo says he isn't there, then he isn't there. And since Nintendo has actually said Luigi isn't in SM64, then I believe them.

Speaking of not having lives, don't mail me begging for updates to this page. If I haven't updated, it's because something more important came up....So just be patient and don't bug me. (you know who you are.)
To be honest, it is tempting to ask for updates sometimes. There are several areas on the News page that says something like, "I'll update tomorrow, I promise", when it has been, in fact, several tomorrows, and still no updates. Now, I know you aren't serious about these "promises", and your job is very important, so I'll bear with it. Also, knowing that one's game idea, rant, etc. is going to be put up can also tax one's patience, but I won't ask you for updates. I'll let you do that on your own time.

The next person who asks me a question I've answered on my Q & A gets on my "I'll kill you soon" list.
LOL. Ok.

The next person who submits a game idea involving Mario's family members or a Mario fighting game will get a fate much worse than death.
No family members (except maybe Luigi.) No fighting games. Got it.

The next person who mails me asking me to send them tapes of Mario cartoons will wish he was never born. I DON'T HAVE 'EM, OK!
Fine. There's always the video store...

I am not Nintendo. I will not get your game ideas made for you. So stop mailing me sounding like your game will actually come out. IT WON'T
Wishful thinking on the part of the submitter. He or she thinks it's a great idea, so they hope, however unrealistically, that it would get made.

Why don't people submit to the poll anymore? I've gotten one vote in the past week!
I think that one vote was mine.

Why am I (and so many other people) obsessed with a little group of pixels on a screen?
Because it's fun! :)

How old is Mario? What's his motivation? How tall is he? What does he weigh? WHERE'S THE BACKSTORY NINTENDO!
I think that info is for us to decide ;)

There. Got that off of my chest. Hope I didn't bother you too much with it. If so, then I'm very sorry, and I won't harass you anymore.

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