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Rebuttal to "The Day the Mario Died"

By Dr. Mario

    Being a Luigi fan, I was quite pleased there was a Luigi title for Gamecube's launch. I can't help but cringe still, at the similarity in its story to 'Mario is Missing', sure Mario gets to always save the Princess, Luigi just gets to save Mario. Even more frustrating is that both advertise themselves as being the first video game to star Mario's infamous brother, of course only Mario is Missing's claim is actually true.
    Enough with that though. Something I really wanted to discuss is a possible reason why Nintendo decided to put Mario on the back burner. I could be wrong, but certainly have an inkling. Take a look at Super Mario Bros., Super Mario World, and Super Mario 64, the three games launched with each Nintendo system of past. Besides starring Mario, and all practically having the same story, there's one more similarity: they were all designed without using their system's true potential. That's the price for being a launching or early title in a system's life, and it certainly doesn't mean that they are bad games. But SMB had fairly crude graphics compared to SMB3, as SMW did to later games, etc. Not just graphics either, speed, different functions and worlds, each game could have been very different if they were produced during the mid-life of a system.
    Miyamoto was quoted to say about Super Mario World that "I really wish we had more time to explore the potential of the Super Nintendo/Famicom, obviously it will be other games that will get to find that potential." While perhaps only a year after the Gamecube's launch, a Super Mario game produced later could cause the game to be significantly better. We've often taken Mario for granted as a mascot and 'jack of all trades' in the gaming world, and we'll use him however its best suited. Perhaps this time he'll get the equivalent of a superstar treatment... Not that he can enjoy it really.
    Oh yes, I don't want to come off too serious. Wanted to get my point across, don't want you to think I have strong emotional feelings for Mario though. Though I do write to this ranting column using his name...

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