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Rebuttal to "Mario and Bowser"
By Dr. Mario

    You've got a good point Cloud3713, but I think you're just thinking too, well sane. I could yell for hours about all the things that are wrong with say, Looney Toons (poor Wiley Coyote...), you might think this is a lot different but it's really not. I mean it's not real, Nintendo can really do anything they want in this sense. But a good point is that Bowser has never really *died* (I know you tried to use a reincarnation theory, but really just think of it like a cartoon and say Bowser doesn't die). I mean every time Mario (and Luigi, cuz I'm a Luigi fan!) beats King Koopa you could explain how he didn't die anyway. In SMB say that Bowser, being so powerful, and uhhh, his shell (whatever) he can survive in lava but is just a bad swimmer (hey, there are those Blarg things in SMW that live in lava!), in SMB3 you hear Koopa fall down a pit with a loud thud, kind of comical (I of course assumed he was still alive so he could come back for a sequel), SMW he just flies off and probably does a crash landing. I could go on and on...

     Now the good stuff (and a really good question you asked), what's Bowser being so nice to Mario for in SMRPG? (not to mention the Mario Kart games, and golf and tennis...) Ok, so the story gives it's rational *kiddy* explanation... notice that word; kiddy. See, you really can't explain it unless you dumb down intellegence for the story (isn't that funny too, the 8 bit 2D games with no to little script, still has more intelligent stories than the new ones made today). That really is your answere, you just have to act stupid and let it be. Don't dispair though, because this is exactly the type of stuff Myamato (did I spell his name right?) says he wants to change in future games! While I enjoyed SMRPG, it really was for kids, and letting the series' main bad guy become a goofy good guy was bad. Myamato wants to get rid of that, make Bowser bad to the bone, do whatever he can to crush Mario (rather than go and play tennis). Anyway, those are my thoughts... hmmm, my I typed a lot of stuff. Dr. Mario

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