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Rebuttal to "Bowser's Species Uncovered"
By the dark mushroom

    Ok----First and foremost,the super Mario brothers live action movie (which, in my opinion is an enormous rip-off) has absolutely nothing to do with the games. At all, period, end of story. The only direct relation the movie has to the game is A FEW of the characters/items.

But to the point, this "Meiolania" you speak of, what proof do you have that such an animal ever existed??? No offense to you,Sam, but this sounds 100% FAKE. If there was such a creature that, by your strangely specific description, looked almost exactly like bowser, how could Nintendo have possibly based bowser on this creature at the time?? Bowser is the "KING OF THE KOOPAS" so in my opinion, I think he must be a koopa, or something of the sort.

As for the poster saying "Dinosaurs will Fly", that's not necessarily saying bowser is a dinosaur (but he does look like one in M64)

In summary, Bowser has nothing to do with the SMB movie, I see no proof to this "Meiolania", and Bowser is probably as koopa.

That is all.

--the dark mushroom

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