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Rebuttal to "Mario Hacks"
By Ben

You have a kewl page, and I was reading through your rants and raves, and I have to say I really love Mario hacks. They're like whole new games! (At least the good ones. Such as Somari, Tie Fighter, the Carnage series, the list goes on). And they are free at places like that Mario Emulation Page! Some are new levels for SMB, which provide new, (and challenging), levels to play for us 8-bit fanatics! I even made a few nes hacks myself, one of SMB, where I just put in a kewl new font. Mario hacks are only bad if people sell them. Especially if they sell them and claim they were made by Nintendo. Some people have such nerve. But for most people nes (mario) hacks are an attempt to bring in new 8-bit material, not to con you out of your money. I hope this informs some of you people that got the wrong idea.

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