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Rebuttal to "Good Nintendo, Bad Nintendo"
By Dr. Mario

    I think you've got great general ideas, but I just want to add and say a few things (just cuz I can!).

     You know the weird thing is, that I believe that atleast the very first SMB game was not meant for kids, but a real family game (I know like when there's *family* tv or something, that means it's usually more for kids, well probably same applies here, but I still think that kids weren't the only target Nintendo went for). The story isn't for kids specifically, it's just weird. I love the story for the first SMB game, unfortunately it's just short and has never been elaborated the way it's supposed to be (like the movie, shudder). We all know the Mario Bros. end up in the Mushroom Kingdom, they walk around this weird land and find a bunch of mushroom people, but all statues. We never know how, but they discover that evil monsters (primarily koopas) have taken over the Mushroom Kingdom. These koopas are led by King Bowser Koopa, a fierce turtle monster that used witchcraft to change the mushroom people to stone. However he could change the Princess Toadstool, for she has magical powers and is also the only person that can change her people back. So he keeps her as prisoner instead. Then the bros. go out to save the Princess, in order to turn all the mushroom people back.

     Ok, now I forget exactly why I retold the story when you can go look it up on this site anyway... Oh yeah. See, there IS a reason to why Bowser kidnapped the Princess, of course it would make more sense if he had just killed her, but of course then there'd be no story. Likewise in SMB3, Bowser and the Koopa kids steal magic wands and change kings into animals, and for good measure he kidnaps the Princess too (I don't know, maybe she had some magic power to change them back) we also learn in this game that that gawdy looking green amulet she wears actually has magic powers too). It's only in SMW that there's really no reason for kidnapping the princess (but the ULTIMATE is of course SMRPG, but then poor Bowser is really humiliated and shown as just an idiot bad guy)

     Gets me back to my point, while sure the stories started off with just a little yet interesting story, then of course the story is in the games (which have little plot other than get to the next level), but still the stories are cool enough I don't think they were specifically for kids. I think the problem came with the cartoons, way Mario was marketed... Of course from the start it was evident Mario would have a larger fan base of kids rather than adults, but Mario kept on getting more kiddy until you get to the callibre of SMRPG and YI (by the way, you think SMRPG is complicated?! Ok, so there's dialogue in it, and it's an RPG, but still I think it's just a step up from "It's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood..."). I hope Myamato gets Mario out of his kiddy rut, make a game that's less brain dead (SM64 was better than some of the game stories before it I'll admit, still Mario's high pitched voice...).

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