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Rebuttal to "Waluigi Woes"

By Sir Adam Cooper

    Personally, I like Waluigi already. I know he's just a mindless clone for now, but that's just now. He's appearing in his first game as Wario's little brother, with Wario by his side.

    Luigi didn't get a personality untill the TV show. In every platform Mario game, other than The Lost Levels, Luigi is just a carbon copy of mario! They even use the same sprites, just with a different color! Nobody complains that Luigi's got no personality, and in the game he doesn't. He has one on the TV show, though, and the comic books.

    Now I admit, Waluigi isn't an original character, but was Luigi when he first appeared? No. Luigi was just a carbon-copy of Mario and for a long time, he stayed that way (except in the english and japanese versions of SMB2). Luigi didn't have much of a difference from Mario, and everyone LOVES Luigi. Personally, I don't like Luigi any better than I like Mario, and I don't like Mario more than I like Luigi. In most aspects, they're the same person.

    Waluigi's actually more different from Wario than Luigi was from Mario. How? It's simple. Waluigi is coming in as a fast, nimble guy with little power in response to Wario's slow, clumsy guy who could beat Clark Kent in arm wresling. But Luigi and mario have ALL the same aspects in their earlier games. Later on there were some difference (Luigi's a better jumper than Mario) but when Luigi first appeared, he was EXACTLY like Mario.

    As for Waluigi's name, they explain in Nintendo Power that it's an anagram of a japanese word that means "Bad" Wario is a play-on-words from another japanse word that means the same thing (Waru, I believe) and the name "Mario" So Waluigi's name, though annoying, is no worse than Wario's name. I admit, another name would have been better, but Wuigi kinda stinks and you can't have 7uigi. So this was the next best thing.

    Next, Waluigi is already one of my new favorite characters, and I haven't even played Mario Tennis yet. Wario was always a good character in Mario Kart and Mario Golf ("They should have called it Wario Golf"~Wario) Okay... Wario Kart and Wario golf. And I'm assuming that his little brother will be the same.

    Also, many people have come up with an evil twin for Luigi in fanfics before (Usually called Wuigi) who's tall and thin with a 7 on his hat. I know I have. So this is just Nintendo making it. Luigi needs a rival. Otherwise who are you going to team Wario with when you play doubles in Mario Tennis? Bowser? Donkey Kong? I rest my case.

    So, from now on, let it be known that Waluigi Rules!

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