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Rebuttal to "Waluigi Woes"
By Mario*

    I think it's obvious why Nintendo has this new character ready for us. Waluigi was made to raise hype and sell more copies of Mario Tennis 64. Who knows...maybe some good will come out of this character but this fact is true.

    But when we overlook that fact there may be a lot of good coming from Waluigi. We all know how popular Wario is. The link cable (for Game Boy -ed) is a perfect example of Nintendo using more multiplayer features. Well, there can now be multiplayer Wario games with Wario AND Waluigi! To tell you the truth, I don't even like Waluigi but I think he wasn't supposed to be liked. He's Luigis rival. Your suposed to hate him, because your suposed to fight him in future games...he'll have some fans of course but not as many as Luigi has.

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