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Rebuttal to "Game Settings"

By Pokefreak

JMyCroft, you don't know diddlysquat about the Mushroom Kingdom. My theory is that it exists in another Dimension, but before I get to that let's look at some of yours:

    First off, you said that in Mario Kart 64 Bowser's castle was real, because of the fact that in Mario is Missing, his castle is in Antarctica. This is just plain wrong. True it was in Antarctica in Mario is Missing, but haven't you noticed that his castle keeps changing locations? Let's start with Yoshi's Island: His castle was flat out in the middle of the evil island. Yes, the evil island, World 6 is a totally different Island, not Yoshi's Island. Then in SMW it was in an undersea, underground cave. In SMRPG, it was on top of Vista Hill, a mountain carved in his image. In SM64 he simply took over Peach's castle. Now finally, in Mario Kart 64 wouldn't it be logical that it changed location again? This is backed by the fact that while outside bowser's castle in MK64, you see an endless stretch of molten lava. Would THAT be in Antarctica?

    Next, your theory that SM64 took place here simply because the landscape was different. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT??? In our own world we have: Forests, plains, mountains, tundra, desert, etc. Now try backing up your theory.

    Now my theory is that the mushroom kingdom is one of the many different dimensions. I watch Digimon on TV, and based on their theories there are several hundred, if not thousands, of worlds in different dimensions, 2 of which are our world, and the Digital world. The mushroom kingdom is obviously one of those worlds, or at least a part of one. Farewell to you, and may you never come up with another worthless theory again.

    Pokéfreak out!

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