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Rebuttal to "Game Settings"
By Ellie

    To tell the truth, Arun, your calculations were wasted time. You see, first of all, the closest planet to us is Mars or Venus, which are not light years away. The closest inhabitible planet is in our neighboring solar system. I forget the name of the planets, but scientists have found two planets in the next solar system over, both capable of supporting life, and may have life on them already. Secondly, you forget the scientific theory that the faster you travel, the slower time is. If you travel near light speed (obviously not at light speed), a twenty-two light year course will in real time, be thirty years or longer. But to the traveler, it will feel like about two and a half weeks*.

     Also, I am confused about your theory about two Earths. You are saying that when the Mario brothers entered the pipe, the world was changed magically, and when they reappeared, they were on Earth yet in the Mushroom Kingdom. Basically all your talking about is parrallel dimensions without other dimensions. That's it.

     All you do in your rebuttal is take scientific theory, which both JMyCroft and Myself have researched, warp it in your own way, and call it Magic. Magic is all fun and good, but you must realize Magic is not real**. Also, the kind of Magic you refer to is impossible, even if you follow the laws of nature. Magik (spelled with a 'k'), which refers to medievel alchemy, for those who wish to believe, can exist and is possible. Magik uses chemicals and potions of elements to achieve Magik, which made you correct about one thing, that Consevation of energy makes objects change size and shape without losing their properties. Arun, try not to confuse Magic with Magik.

     YOUR foolishness is showing.

     JMyCroft did a splendid job of his theories, and, although I do not support all of his theories (for instance, I don't think Mario is Missing could be considered a Mario game that flows with the storyline, so therefore it couldn't and didn't happen, and Bowser's castle could not be and is not in Antartica), they were all nearly 'iron-clad'.

     JMyCroft's rant wasn't overconfident at all, it was just more lighthearted than either of our rebuttals.

     Thank you for your time.


     *These calculations were researched using the book 'Speaker for the Dead' by Orson Scott Card. Read it.

     **To a degree. To learn my theory on 'Magic' and the unexplained phenomenas of the universe, also read 'Xenocide' By Orson Scott Card. (It's the part in the first few chapters about your will and connections with other people).

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