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Rebuttal to "ShenMario"
By Matt Ferrett

    Hey! Great idea! Lets completely abandon all the principles that made the Mario games great so it can be more like Shenmue!

     Mario games are known for their cartoony atmosphere. Never have Mario games been famous for their in-depth storylines (except Mario RPG) or their gritty realism. Mario is fat Italian cartoon plumber stomping on evil mushrooms for God's sake! The game isn't supposed to be realistic! You guys just want a Shenmue on a Nintendo system, and are willing to bastardize Mario for it. While we're at it, lets completely get rid of the play mechanics that make Zelda games great, so it can be more like Final Fantasy! Not every game is going to be as realistic as Shenmue or as gritty as Metal Gear Solid. You have to accept Mario games for what they are: flights of pure, interactive fantasy.

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