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Rebuttal to "ShenMario"
By RazielEffectDC

    Well well, someone FINALLY though of this topic.

    I have Imported Shen Mue (FAB game BTW.), and I was hoping that our dear plumber would go into somehting like this. Remeber the quote Good ole Shigeru (sic) said (Or somehting like this:) " It's time for Mario to be mature"

    Yes, I agree. Now take a moment Mario fans, and think of a real-life-esque Mushroom Land, where Toadstools and Yoshis tell real time, walk and TALK with voices instead of MIDI sound effects, battles, no side scroling, looking at EVERYTHING (Yes, even look in Peach's drawers....) FMVs would pass better than stupid text boxes, and like Kyle said, Emulated Classic Mario games. Hey, the Flea bag known as DK did it, and so can Mario. And, like Kyle said also, no high pitched, Itialian sterotypes and Miss Piggy-Voiced princesses. REAL vocals, like the INCREDIBLE Soul Reaver and Metal Gear Solid.

    An A-Life system would be nice, in fact, I'd LOVE IT! I raise Chao's EVERYDAY (I have 2 healthy Chaos named Toadcha and LuigiCha BTW.), and raising either a Goomba, Toadstool, Koopa Toopa or even one of the KOOPA KIDS would be very nice in the land of Mario. If good old Shem Mue can do somehting like that, then so can Mario.

    With Shen Mue out, and comming in America in the Fall or Summer (BTW, Chap 2. Hong Kong is gonna be out this Summer in Japan.), it will set the new rules for Action/Adventure/Platformers. That means Marios' cutsey-ness will have to change.

    Mario, start looking up to Ryo Hazuki, cause you're gonna have to compete with him.

    So sayeth me.

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