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Rebuttal to "Luigi is NOT Neglected"
By Jay Resop

    This is Jay Resop, the guy you probably all know as the Annoying Neglected Characters guy. After noticing the title to the rant submitted by Mr. Metal Mario, I felt that it was a duty of mine, as a Neglected Character Guru, to post my say on the matter.

     First, let me say that I am one of the few people not on the "We Love Luigi, Mario is Stupid" bandwagon that has formed over past few years (Read Kyle's rant "Luigi the Lovable Loser" for more info). I was a Luigi fan the day I first played Super Mario Bros. over 10 years ago.

     Now, I agree with Metal Mario in that Luigi is definitely not the most neglected character out there in the Mario Universe. After all, he has been the second player in most Mario games. I would have to put my vote towards Toad as the most Neglected of Characters. And I would not consider Tatanga very neglected. True, he was only in one game, but Super Mario Land was a weird game made by people who didn't have Mario in mind when they made it SML is the least Marioish Mario game there is. But thats another story and another rant.

     Yet Luigi is still neglected. In the past few main Mario games, Luigi has been absent. I know he takes part in games such as Super Mario Kart and Mario Party, but these games are small potatoes compared to the mega games Yoshi's Island, Super MaRPGio, and Super Mario 64 (hence-known as the "Big Three"). Super Mario Kart and Party are pretty much just "Mario Cameos". And I know he had a staring role in Mario is Missing, but come on, that was a pathetically bad game and a disgrace. It was an education game of all things and came out years ago. The "Big Three" where prefect opportunities for Nintendo to add Luigi as a character. In Yoshi's Island Luigi was reduced to the role of a princess. He was kidnapped and Mario and Yoshi had to save him. In Super MaRPGio Luigi was absent almost completely. You can argue that "he had a cameo at the end" but the fact remains that it was a pathetic cameo. Come on, the parade was tiny. Luigi was reduced to the size of 3 pixels. Super MaRPGio could have been a hundred times better if they included more well known characters such as Luigi to the cast of characters you can play. I credit Nintendo for trying to be creative with new characters, but Mallow and Geno were very shallow and boring. Plus including Luigi in the story would have developed his character more, of which we know very little of. Luigi's absence from SM64 is just a shame. This is because the whole reason why Luigi is so great is that he offers one special aspect to the game that Mario can not ever achieve on his own: the two player game.

     None of you can deny that one of the main reasons that why the original Mario games on the NES and SNES were so great was because they had the multiplayer function. You and a friend could both play the same game at practically the same time. In single player games you have to fight over who gets to play when. The fact that the "Big Three" where all single player games is a clear example of why Luigi has been Neglected recently. Without Luigi, Mario games lose their ability to play with friends.

     So in conclusion, Luigi may not be the most neglected character out there, but he certainly has been neglected of many of the big games recently. And this absence of Luigi is at a big lose to Nintendo, who lose the multiplayer aspect of the game. Super Smash Bros. would have to be an exception, because Luigi has a nice role as a secret character, and over all its my favorite N64 game (I love playing with kirby). Also, for future reference I coined the phrase "Super MaRPGio" so if you ever want to use that name, give me credit. Ask Kyle, he'll back me up.

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