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Rebuttal to "Mario is Invincible"
By StealthPE

Mario is just another character in Smash Brothers. He may seem like he can do everything, but there is a reason for that. Fox is fast, Donkey Kong is strong, Pikachu and Jigglypuff are stupid, and so on. Mario and Luigi are just average in everything. They are well rounded characters that can do everything well. That may be why you can't beat them. Mario is the best character on there. He is the one that I use. My friends can't beat me. Never. I played one of my friends to 99 one time, and I beat him by 50 guys. That was the time all my friends "dubbed" that beam sword, the "Mario Sword." Because every single time I got it, they would die. They couldn't stop me.

     Mario has his faults just like everyone else. Such as, when he goes for a smash attack, and misses, then he is vulnerable for a second. Same with a lot of his moves that he misses with. If it takes you are your brother to beat him, then I say you must not be very good at this game. You should consider practicing. :\

     I've beaten a whole team of Mario on 9 before. They are just the same as any other character. So instead of bashing on the stupid computer character that beats you every time, maybe you should practice, or take up knitting.


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