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Rebuttal to "Mario does NOT RPG"

By Arun Madhavan

If Mario RPG was the first Mario game it probably wouldn't have done too well.

    Haven't you seen all the tips pages for SMRPG? How many have you seen for Donkey Kong? (64 doesn't count)

Mario is the kind of guy who jumps on guys heads on a regular basis.

    Ever push "B?"

Mario DOES NOT save the world from aliens.

    Even if SMRPG actually had aliens, who says Mario can't save the world? Don't you think saving the world is a better plot than saving the princess? If aliens were taking over the world, and no one else could help, do you think Mario would sit around and wait for the world to blow up without a fight?

And King Koopa would NEVER team up with Mario. Would YOU team up with someone who's tried to kill you twenty times for ANY reason?

    Lemmy, Lemmy, Lemmy, didn't you ever play SMRPG? Bowser wanted to get his damn castle back, and besides, technically, you are a member of the Koopa Troop.

Would DK and Diddy Kong to have a timed, slow battle against Captain K. Rool?

    Unless you're really good, the fight against him K. Rool is slow.

And Mario doesn't RPG! And Mario doesn't RPG! And Mario doesn't RPG! AND MARIO DOESN'T RPG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No need to yell. I heard you the first umpteen times. Geez, Lemmy, I never expected an article like this from some one whose sent in all that great stuff.

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