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Rebuttal to "Mario's Mascot Muscle"
By SonicFievel

Note from Kyle: This starts as a rebuttal to Mario's Mascot muscle (kinda) but then goes WAY off topic, and eventually gets to talknig about underwear. I'm not responsible for any offense you may take, or any damage your brain may take when reading this. The author specifically asked for commments on this rant, so mail him at . Now for the rant...

I have a rebutual against Marios Mascot Muscle not everyone loves the Mario Bros. Now for some tid bit pieces of feedback on your site: Altough I am not a Mario fan its pretty good. Some of the mario sites I have seen look like they were done by one of the Goombas from the mario movie! Also about that quiz who would actually tell someone they were wearring mario underwear, even saying you were wearing Sonic underwear would probably get yourself made fun of. I think you should put more stuff about the Mario movie up cuase it was better than the Mario games, espeically Mario64, although Mario RPG was pretty cool! It seems like Mario is very slowly dieing in populraity, but Sonic's is starting to grow cuase of Dreamcast, if you have seen the Sonic Adventures video you would see why! I dont hate Mario, in fact I used to be a fan, until I sort of grew up! As for your quiz anyone who wears Mario underwear has a problem (no offense if you do) I (being the Sonic fan that I am) would rather wear pink girls unde rwear with Barbie or even Barnie or even both on them, hell I would rather wear pink girls diapers with picts of Bareny and Barbie on them, even if I had to wear them (meaning not being pottytrained) its better than mario underwear!

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