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Rebuttal to "Leave him Alone, you Morons"
By Mario*

    Arg. I do agree about somethings but not others that you said. Yep, Mario IS a little bit too cutsey but just a little. I mean, come on how were these games way too cutsey. Now a days unless it's a bloody, cusing game it's called to cutsey! Come on! I totally disagree! Mario just needs a little better plot to make him and his series better for older gamers. Then the series will be even better. But now it's too late. Nintendo, if your reading this it's up to you.

Before you all rejoice here is what I heard about Mario's new look and you may be on my side (This is all unconfirmed -Ed.):
Mario will no longer where overalls
Better Voice (I admit this is good)
Differant clothes
Yoshi will be more vicious (that's just WRONG)
They will be taller (this is PURE rumor and nothing offical has been said)

    So you see, it's a terrible change. Let's hope Nintendo does this right but it seems like there taking a huge risck witch could send us to playing differant serieses. I think they can do it right though. Let's hope.....

    P.S. If you would like to e-mail me about this send it to

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