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Rebuttal to "The Mascot Wars, Mario vs. Pokemon"
By Romberguy

Notice: This rebuttal is to Joe Kuster’s rebuttal only, completely disregarding anything anyone said in the other rebuttals (although I’d like to make a bit of an applause for Lemmy). Anything that I put in quotation marks will have been quoted from that particular rant, unless otherwise stated.


“POKEMON IS OLD. Ok, Actually the game is and so is the cartoon show.”


Mario is even older. Are you sick of Mario too? I highly doubt it. This is a perfect place to make use of the term “golden oldies”. There are many people that have affinities for old things. I’m one of them. I imagine you’re tired of pokemon being alive. Well, the fact is, pokemon is beyond a fad: Now, if you meant something like “Pokemon is over” then let me assure you it isn’t. I don’t know when you wrote your article but I wrote this on Monday, Aug. 22, 2005 and pokemon is still going strong. This sales chart is from August 19, 2003. Notice how Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire occupy slots six and seven. They were released March 17th of the same year. This means that there are an awful lot of pokemon fans out there; they keep buying the games. So it is way more than a fad now, and the time it was a fad is long gone. It didn’t die out like Furby. Now, if you are getting tired of it being alive, then there is nothing you can do. You cannot stop progress on pokemon games and no matter how hard society tries, there will still be an awful lot of pokemon fans out there. Be glad that there are also a lot of Mario fans.


Its a DragonBall Z ripoff to me” Err, why? I can’t really counter until you elaborate.

“The damn game was made in 1997-1998” Pokemon Green was made in 1995. Perhaps that makes pokemon seem “older” to you than it already is.

“I am tired of it. Sick of it. Everyone else should be too.” A lot of people already are. You’ve done a whole lot of things to us. After pokemon was beyond a fad, society started to reject pokemon. Many pokemon fans kept their affinity for pokemon a secret from everyone, even their best friends. Would you like to live like that? Constantly afraid of what would happen if the “cool kids” were to find out? I doubt you would, especially if you’re the type of person that feel a need for company. Yet that’s what pokemon fans experience every day. See what pokemon haters like you had part in creating?


“Did you see Pokemon? Do you have Pokemon? Which version? Do you have the Pokemon hints book? And you know what I said to them? Grow up. Welcome to 6th grade. We're not 4 year olds anymore."

Oh, right. Pokemon is for 4 year olds, like most pokemon fans, who are around sixteen. On the Forums, Dragonfree long ago went through a "How old are you" thread and calculated the average age. It was just over sixteen. Of the 80 or 70 people who posted in the thread, ten were twenty or older. Indeed, for 4 year olds. Also, a big part of pokemon, like in your average Zelda game is the knowledge of how to read. Do you think pokemon was designed for 4 year olds if it requires the basic reading ability? Heck no. As for the Anime, you’d be amazed at the amount of people on Forums with a crush on Ash.


“Now, The game was fine. Great. Ok. But the bad thing about it is..... IT GOT MORE PEOPLE BRAINWASHED”

That’s a stereotype. When Mario came out, did everybody get brainwashed by him as well? I’m a dedicated pokemon fan but I still have a passion for Mario, Legend of Zelda, Kirby, Sonic, Pikmin, and Simpsons games, and those were listed right off the top of my head. Indeed there are more things to video games than pokemon.



I know little about the card game, but nearly everything has cards. Take Zatch Bell, Harry Potter, and Yu-Gi-Oh. I almost went on a Yu-Gi-Oh-based rant similar to yours about pokemon. But I tried the Yu-Gi-Oh game and liked it. Maybe you should give the cards a chance.


“I'm ready to start the Non-Pokemon Foundation.” BOY WERE YOU BEATEN TO IT


“This Pokemon disease, As I like to call it, Is turning everyone into complete geeks.”

Firstly, in my book, it’s wrong to label someone anything offensive. Secondly, if a person wants to like something, in this case pokemon, then it is his or her opinion to like it. Also, remember when I talked about people trying to fit in and still like pokemon? Then if you don’t want them to be geeks, for Pete’s sake let them fit in! Geeks are typically loners and if you exile them, then they’ll stay loners. At least some will be fortunate like me and find a place with loads of internet friends.


kiss the feet of the lil' tiny ordinary, boring electric rat called *yawn* Pikachu.”

Pikachu =/= pokemon. Ash =/= pokemon. There are more than 386 pokemon characters. There are piglike monkeys capable of karate-chopping your car in half. There are giant living blobs of toxic slime, fire-breathing human-size wild dogs, dragons, and supersmart pokemon with IQs of 5000. It’s more than just some tiny boring rat.


“Stop making less Pokemon stuff.”



Final opinion: Society has rejected pokemon too much for Pikachu to become Nintendo’s mascot but that doesn’t mean that pokemon is for losers. There are thousands of pokemon fans; many of which that are forced to hide. I apologize for the moderately long rant but this is a subject I rant long about. Also, please notice I didn’t flame you in any way therefore it’s polite for you to not flame me. I don’t like ugly conversations


~Wellp, that’s about it from me. *gets ready to dodge bullets* As much as I dislike the aforementioned rant, the last two sentences I wholeheartedly agree with. Bye!


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