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Rebuttal to "Nintendo's Given Up"
By Skirbyy

    First off, Mega Man is made by Capcom, not Nintendo.

    I gotta agree with you about the Pokémon crud at schools, and that Pokémon is really getting everywhere. The game is fine. That is all I have to agree with. I used to play Pokémon myself, until I beat it a couple of times and the hype began. Pokémon, the game itself, isn't that bad. It is the hype, the cartoon, the comics, etc. that is bad. I got out of Pokémon imeddetly after I beat the game for the 3rd time (I get bored). From there, I didn't pay attention to Poké really, you must NOT be out of Pokémon, you are watching the progress of it, reading news about Pokémon...I shun it, personally, now it never gets on my nerves. Ever. Pokémon is just another fad that is lasting long because it is based on a game, not a cartoon or comic. QUALITY??? What are you talking about.... the game, like I said before, is good. The cartoon is anime. You either love or hate dubbed anime, and at least it isn't being dubbed by Funamation, they really made DBZ werid...I don't like anime besides DBZ and the later episodes of Sailor Moon. The cards are a stupid waste of money, but they are made well. Basically your rate is a list of stuff that YOU have heard, or made up. Here in Colorado, I don't hear anything about Pokémon. We talk about Zelda, Final Fanstasy, Dreamcast, Kirby, Zelda, Zelda, Kirby, Zelda, Dreamcast...REAL games/systems. I am sorry that your school is invested with Pokéfreaks, but some schools AREN'T. Pokémon isn't EVERYWHERE, like you said. BTW, Anti-Pokémon club??? Tidd, Inc? What? Bottem line: Don't make rants that can be easily rebutteled, and shut up about Pokémon, it isn't everywhere.

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