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Nintendo's Giving Up
By Cameron Tidd

    1985. Nintendo makes a blockbuster, record-smashing hit, Super Mario Bros. It changed the way we looked upon video games.
     Nintendo has these great sellers like Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Mega Man, etc. And this little game called "PoKéMoN" comes out. BOOOOOOOOOM! They've given up on them almost completely. Pokémon games come out 10X the speed of Zelda!
     Our school has already outlawed Pokemon cards, but I STILL see them being brought in to school, privately or non-privately.
     All I hear them saying is...
     "What are you getting in the book order?
     The Pokemon book of course!"
     "Did you see today's episode?"
     "Wanna trade Pokemon cards?"
     "I have a Beedril, Mr. Mime, Machamp..."
     "I got an Eevee."
     I'm tired of it. I want it to stop. I want true quality games to be out again.
     They are milkin' them out so fast soon there will be "Pokemon Golf" or "Voltorb & Electrode Basketball" or "Chansey Baseball" or "Pikachu's Typing Adventure".
     I can't walk THREE FEET without hearing "Pikachu" or "Pokemon" ringing in my ears. The game's fine, the show's OK. The cards are average. They don't deserve this much hype!!!!!! Even Topps and USPCC (United States Playing Card Co.) are participating in cards!
Symptoms of Pokédisease:
     Inability to tell the difference between quality games and non-quality games
     Rushing to buy anything Pokemon, even if it's stupid.
     All you talk about is Pokemon.
     You eat, sleep, and breathe on Pokemon
Only cure:
Symptoms of minor disease:
     Able to tell the difference between quality and non-quality games.
     Not buying stupid Pokemon things.
     Talking about PKMN sparingly.
     Buy merchandise sparingly.
     Be yourself.
How to tell if someone has the disease:
     Your friend completely ignores your declarings and talks about Pokemon with his other friends.
     Your friend has a whole room for Pokemon stuff.
     Your friend only talks about having a Charizard.
     Says Pokemon Snap is the best thing since sliced bread.
How it spreads:
     You want to be with your friends and all they talk about is Pokemon and shrug you off if you don't know anything about it.
     Teasings of not having it.
     Commcercial persuasive factor.
     Your friends say "Pokemon Snap is the best game ever made!"
To avoid: Avoid contact with Pokédiseaseans. Steer clear and cover your ears.
     Don't look at them...they might have a Pokemon shirt or pants or even SHOE or SOCK.
     Shrug off your friends if they are Pokediseaseans.
     Avoid getting or doing or seeing ANYTHING PKMN.
     What it affects:
     It affects the mind's common sense, it makes the mind see only if a game says Pokemon on it, that is only good and not others. All other Pokemon stuff the victims will be attracted to. What causes it:
     It's a little tiny antigen spread from the word "PoKéMoN" into your body and reproduces quickly. To make the body also think they'd want Pokemon to be real, inside the millenium ball, everything PoKéMoN for major.
     Well, when this hype ends, we will not have Nintendo. If they give up on everything 'cept Pokemon, and Pokemon sales go down, bye bye Nintendo. If you woud like to join the Anti-Pokemon Society in any category: Social (Main group), Health, Energy, Protest, Running (How we run the society), Ranting and Raving, Nintendo in general, Nintendo's great works... Contact me, Cameron Tidd, at, and Il'l add you to the society of Anti-Pokemon.
     ©1999 The Anti-Pokemon Soceity. A division of Anti-Socailizing Organizations. A division of Tidd, Inc. All copyrights listed in this publication are not reserved and please, do not copy our work. Anti-Socailizing Organizations, and it's opposite, Socializing Organizations. SMBHQ does not take rights to this publication in any matter and if they do they can be subject to lawsuit (I'm kinda apart of SMBHQ though...) Rant thought out, revised, formatted, directed, and produced by Cameron Tidd. Articles taken from real world and several rants. Unauthorized copyrights belong to the authors and not the publicator.
     Thanks for reading!

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