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Rebuttal to "The Mascot Wars, Mario vs. Pokemon"
By Lemmy Koopa

    Okay, everybody. I'm getting sick of this. There is no war! You can't have a war between a single company! You're basically saying "Nintendo's games are better than Nintendo's games" Nintendo makes the games. ANd they have made a quality RPG. They have also made a quality platform. ANd you know what else. THey made a good fighting game with both games in it! And as for the mascot? Mario will always be the nintendo mascot. Mario IS nintendo. Pokemon wasn't even created by Nintendo. It was a story by some guy turned into a game. The game was turned into a TV show and turned back into a very similar game. Pokemon is merely something Nintendo bought, NOT something Nintendo made itself. Nintendo CREATED Mario. Mario with his arch rival of DK. Now his arch rival is Bowser. Anyway, there are still MANY MORE Mario games than pokemon games. Another thing. About the card game. THe only reason pokemon became a card game is because WIZARDS OF THE COAST wanted to. Not Nintendo. The merely allowed it.

     And Kustard, don't say that pokemon isn't for 8th graders. I am 13 and I love pokemon. I watch pokemon on TV, buy cards, and have beaten the game. I also have a hold on pokemon staduim even though it isn't due for release untill March! Pokemon is FUN. If you ever took the time to play pokemon or learn to play the card game you'll like it! Seriously, if pokemon was so for little kids then WHY, I ask, WHY did the pokemon club I created at my middle school get 45 members, most of them being 7th graders? That is the highest turnout for a club ever in the history of my school!!!!

     As I was saying, about the mascot war. Pokemon will never replace Mario. It's all up to the opinion of the people who run Nintendo. (I say people because nothing can be done by one person alone) As long as they choose to use Mario, they will use him. But I must say, I would much rather buy something with a cute little squirtle on it than something with Mario's ugly mug. Actually, if it has Bowser, it's sold when it comes to me. And in closing, I would like to say that I think NEITHER of them actually deserve to be the Nintendo mascot. Yes, nintendo needs a mascot, but not them..........................................................................NINTENDO MUST HAVE LINK!!!!

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