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Rebuttal to "The Mascot Wars, Mario vs. Pokemon"
By John Piersa

Dear Readers,
     I have been around video games my entire life. I have seen the rise of such classics as Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda and Metroid. And, rather unfortunatly, everyone has seen the rise of pokemon. While it appears that pokemon has dethroned the Mario it is not so. Pokemon is nothing more of a fad. While it has a movie, a card game, collectables and a TV show; if anyone can remember 1990 when Super Mario Bros. 3 came out there was a show, games, and collectables up the wazoo, the movie would not be untill '94.

     Pokemon has one major problem, it has not caught on with the mass of older gamers. most of the older gamers that I have met cannot stand the mention of pokemon. While The Mario series, Zelda and Metroid have incredable fan base of wide ranging gamers while only young children seem to enjoy pokemon. There are people who have bought the N64 mearly for playing a Zelda or Mario game and I have yet to see that for Pokemon. People have a knowledge of what a Mario game should be. The reputation of the series alone could carry it through if they had one poor game (cough, Mario is missing, cough).

     And since I am cutting at pokemon I could bring up statistics. While Pokemon has put out over one million copies has not every mario game done that since SMB3? And one more point to mention: we older gamers have something that the young Games don't -- Money. I have already seen parents turn down kids to buy them pokemon yellow because the kids are obsessed (I would know, I get obsessed when a new Mario or Zelda game comes out).

     From where I stand Pokemon has a lot of catching up to do to be anywhere near Mario's popularity.

     PS: Pokemania is only in North America and Japan. Europe does not even have the origional pokemon games.

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