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Rebuttal to "The Mascot Wars, Mario vs. Pokemon"
By Chris Johnson

    The following doesen't mean to upset Pokémon fans. So I suggest they press the back button on their browsers now if they feel to be upsetted by this rant. I just have a little headache.

    Jay Resop's right. Poké-mania made anything else like it was nothing. The wacky Japanese made Pikachu the strongest in Super Smash Bros. in CPU of course. Why? Case of Poké-fever. Tetris blocks started to explode before they reached planet-sized Tetrispheres (Yes, I like Tetris too.) by shocks of electricity from one yellow rat. I liked Tanooki Luigi better than Pikachu. I liked the Koopa Kids and Bowser better than Team Rocket and Ash Ketchum's rival, gary. I liked Mario vs. Iggy Koopa than your usual unorigional Poké-fight.

    You know my two favorite Mario-fied cousins got hit by Pokéfever. And I never liked that. I tried to get one of them to stop finding my Pokémon game I lost, and they found it, with a sad sigh, I kept on playing Super Mario Bros. The Lost levels. I mean, Poké-fever is giving me a headache. Sometimes I wish I was away from the yellow rat. I wish I can walk 30 feet without seeing the yellow rat, along with his friends. One word just changes the subject, Pokémon. Whenever I mention the word someone wants to play it or watch the cartoon.

    According to Jay Resop's stats and results, I agree, Pokémon is catching up with the Mario. Mario and Luigi DOES need to catch up and get ahead before Pikachu replaces them as the Nintendo mascot.

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