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Rebuttal to "The Mascot Wars, Mario vs. Pokemon"
By Jeff Cove

 Let me start by saying Luigi is STILL the most Popular Mario character. OK:

 Mario VS Pokemon: The only known Nintendo mascot battle since Mario VS Zelda. Mario overcame the odds of Zelda, but you know who helped him? LUIGI... and Super Mario 64 has STILL sold more than Zelda 64. Now back to Pokemon. Here are 150 (Not really, thats just for people who count evolutions.) creatures battling, evolving, and giving their trainers respect. and The Main character is Ash. He runs into Team Rocket. Now Mario knows he cant counter the Pokemon threat without the help of Luigi. Recent appearences in Mario Golf, Party, and SSB really raised Luigi's self-esteem. He knows about Pokemon, and will help Mario with it.

    The dolphin is coming out, and who's getting a 128-bit first? Mario and Luigi.

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