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Rebuttal to "The Mascot Wars, Mario vs. Pokemon"
By Brenno Kummel

    I think what Jay Resop said is both stupid and true. One thing is for sure. the pokemon game isn't LAME. NO WAY! That game is EXTREMELY COOL. I mean, it just kicks ass! If you agree, join the 4 million+ people. If you disagree, then you only played it for like 10 minutes. Give it some time. It turns to be surprisingly addicting. If you still don't like it, then you don't want to like it. You refuse to admit that this game is groundbreaking. Well, if it's that, then I'm sorry. You will never enjoy a game if you don't want to. No matter what. I admit, the Tv series helped Pokemon A LOT. I mean, those things are dangerously cute. But the show only came after the success of the game. Yes, I like Mario. And no, Pikachu will never replace Mario. NEVER. Too many people prefer other pokemon. ( I prefer Oddish myself. I have a level 50 oddish. Didn't want to evolve it.) Mario has a HUGE reputation. 68 games is a sh*tload of games, and Pokemon only has 6 ( Pokemon Versions, Pokemon Card game (Japan), Pokemon Stadium (J), Pokemon Stadium (J), Pokemon Stadium 2 (J), Pokemon 2 Versions(J). Pokemon Snap). Another thing is that Pokemon is VERY multiplayer Friendly. You can battle and exchange pokemon, and both are VERY fun.

    By the way, Pikachu is famous only because of the television show. They chose Ash to have pikachu only because if he selected [insert starting pokemon here] EVERYBODY would choose it.

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