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Rebuttal to "This Mario/Banjo/Zelda Business"
By Breno Kummel

    Demon must have come from hell, because, damn, is he stupid. You can't enjoy a game without wanting to. If I don't want to enjoy SSB, I won't. What, only 12 characters? Huh, weapons are too strong. Huh, too cute, Huh, scenarios suck. But if I want to like it I will (unless the game sucks). I play sonic. Yeah, I love it. It kicks butt. But if I didn't want to enjoy it, I wouldn't. That is the case here. He doesn't like it because he is like. "I don't want to like it, that would betray my other game." Guess what! VIDEOGAMES DON'T HAVE FEELINGS. And Nintendo doesn't care if you like Banjo-Kazooie as long as you still like Mario! I know Banjo Kazooie is a M64 clone. But that doesn't make it bad! It is a kick ass game. Although not as good as MArio, that doesn't mean it sucks. Ok, if you say that zelda sucks, why not trying to play it first?

    Now Demon, if you don't agree with me, go play SSB and eat a cow! hehehhehehehehhehehe!

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