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Peace to the "Mario vs. Zelda" war
By The Heartbreak Kid

(NOTE: Hey people, Its really me, Darkside Dogg, I just changed my name. Just thought I'd let ya know.)

Well, I am trying to end that god damn "Mario vs. Zelda" War. Okay, Let's get this straight. Tony, You have really done it, Saying Mario is better than Link and Zelda. I know, You apologized, And I appriciate that, But the thing is this. You know what you have done? You have insulted all those Zelda fans out there, Including the Mario Fans. Now you have started a "Mario's better! Link sucks!" or a "No, Link is better! Mario sucks!" Excuse my bad words, But that is how I see this war that has started. Look, I am a true Mario fan 4-ever, But Zelda is a favorite of mine too. That goes to all of those Rebuttalists and the ranter, Including me, And I am sorry for being a part of this stupid war, And now I am doing my best to end this. Toasty, Koopa The Quick, Animorp206, Jay Resop and Tony Trucco. Heck, We are all acting like 3-year-olds playing Teletubbies in our backyard. So let's forget about this war and PLEASE GO ON WITH OUR GOD DANG LIVES! If we think Mario is better, Or Link is better, We should all keep it to ourselves and not start some kind of war. And if you guys are reading this, I hope you see what I see.

P.S. To Koopa The Quick and Jay Resop: Do NOT call Tony "Mr. Trucco". I agree with him that it was very rude, How would you guys like it if you were called "Mr. Quick" or "Mr. Resop"? I wouldn't think you would like it, either. And Tony, Try not to start any more wars, ok? And last, Toasty. You are fine, Saying your opinion about Link, But keep it to yourself, ok? There. I hope you all listened. I DO NOT want anyone to rebuttal to the "Mario vs. Zelda" War. I want to end it. Cause if I see another rebuttal to it, I'm gonna go crazy!

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