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An apology...
By Tony Trucco

    My previous rant was on "Mario vs. Zelda". I expressed my ideas and I am glad that many of you have grace enough to be kind to my sayings even if you disagreed with what I said (except for Koopa the Quick.. what a grouch). I would like to apologize and get some things straight. First, I apologize for not recognizing Link in the bed in smrpg. Second, I LOVE Link! Link is one of Nintendo's best characters, but, I was getting angry at the fact that people jumped all over the new Zelda game like pigs on slop. They proclaimed it was the best game out there. It may sound jelous of me, but that is how I felt. So I thought, hey, why don't I tell people what I think and maybe they will come back to the plump plumber who captured the hearts of millions. That is all I was trying to do. Now, down to business!

    To my three rebuttalists, (Note: There are two more now that Tony hasn't seen. -Kyle)
First off, you got Mario all wrong. He isn't some greedy ******* looking for a kiss or a little bit more, he is looking to save the princess of a land from certian doom, or harassment. Next, a thick plot means nothing if the ending can't make you go; "Yeah! That's what I wanted, that's a good ending. Glad I played for three hours straight!" And toasty (your okay and all) but, just because Link was forced into a mission, doesn't mean he didn't want to do it. Back to the subject. Link's plots and quizes may be mind stimulating and fun for more than one player, but think, how often are you gonna have someone with you to help you out? And do you even want their help? And what if you can't figure out what something means, or what you have to do next? Your STUCK! That is what will happen. Save the quizes and thick plots for the eggheads. (remember, I love Link.)

    With Mario, yes it is the same plot, it is the same ending, and princess does usually kiss Mario, but you know what, if this wasn't fun, then why do so many mario games turn into million sellers? Next, Mario gets the kiss from peach, the thank you from peach and only these because Mario is just a plumber, and she is a PRINCESS! If she did jump into his lap and Mario got layed it could ruin her reputation. Because who wants to follow or respect a woman who had sex with a PLUMBER?! See where I'm going? She CAN'T do anything different or spontanious. She would look bad! It sounds selfish of her, but since Mario loves her she knows he wont take offense to it.

    PHEWWW! Done. Glad I got this off my chest. And MR. KOOPA THE QUICK, I dislike being called Mr. Trucco, and it was rude. If you rebuttel to this, just call me Tony.

If you would like to comment on or respond to this RANT contact me at: (address me as Tony Trucco, or Tye Mawl, that is my Star Wars name)

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