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Rebuttal to "Mario vs. Zelda"
By Jay Resop

Hey everyone, this is Jay Resop, the annoying NC guy. Let me say as a note now that i write this in defence of Link, not to bash Mario. Now, lets begin. Mr. Trucco, you have brought up some interesting points about the differences between Mario and Link, but much of your information is totally incorrect. I know that you have probably played a Link game, but you sound like that you are clueless on the topic. Let me go down the list of errors one by one.
    Firstly, Link has a Cameo in Super MaRPGio (Super Mario RPG).
    Secondly, Nintendo doesn't have more Mario games because they think "Mario is Better" but because Mario is their trademark, their mascot. Link, Samus, Kirby, and their other "lesser" characters end up getting less of the spotlight (for more info on these neglected characters check out my section).
    Thirdly, mario has better endings??? I don't mean to insult all the mario fans who visit this page, but ya right! Link, being an adventure/rpg, has much better endings. Also, i mean no offence, but the story lines and plots of Link are just so much more interesting then the basic "Save the Princess" deal.
    Fourthly, have you ever beaten Legend of Zelda, the Adventure of Link or A Link to the Past??? Link does happen to "get the girl" even though you clame that he doesn't. You know who Zelda is, right? The princess, who he SAVES from Ganon. Sheesh!
    Now onto another topic-Link's Awakening. I do not appreciate it when people bash one of my favorite games of all time. this game is easily the best Link game that I've played (i havn't played Ocarina of Time yet) and is easily better then most Mario games. The story is so developed, so interesting, and the characters were so full of emotion that i was (excuse me) almost in tears at the end of the game. If you did not get the ending, then you must of been sleeping through the entire game. If you continue to have difficulty following the story to adventure games and RPGs, then stop playing them.
    That's basically my stand. Now, for the sake of keeping my job at SMBHQ, let me explain a few things. I find nothing bad about Mario. The people at Nintendo do a great job with Mario games. The whole idea of compairing Mario Games and Link Games is wrong anyway-they are totally different types of games. Mario is a simple yet fun action game and Link is an involving Adventure game. My only gripe ablout Mario games is ORIGINALITY. And the fact that Luigi has been missing in the past few Mario games. I'll stop now, while I still have a job. I'm only backing up my buddy Link.

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