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Rebuttal to "Mario vs. Zelda"
By Darkside Dogg

I saw Tony Trucco's Mario Vs. Zelda opinion, And I did not like it. And he did do something that was wrong, Saying Mario was better than Zelda. But the Reality Check is this:


It just that I like Zelda a tiny-tiny bit more then Mario. So my opinion is Zelda is better than Mario. Here'swWhy:
  1. Every time I saw a Mario Game, It would always say: Rescue the princess. Its like deja-vu, I tell ya! Yeah, I know Link saves Zelda, But not as much as Mario has.
  2. Why did Nintendo change the female character that Mario loved so much from Pauline to Peach? Ohhh, I HATE THAT! A PERFECT ROMANCE SHATTERED BETWEEN MARIO AND PAULINE! In the Zelda Series, Its the same girl/woman/female/whatever you like to call her: Princess Zelda. And That's why I think Zelda is Better than Mario.

    P.S. Remember the Reality Check: ZELDA AND MARIO ARE BOTH GOOD. It doesn't matter who thinks Mario is better than Zelda or Zelda is better than Mario, They are opinions! if you don't know what opinions are, They are facts that cannot be proven true.

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