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Rebuttal to "Mario Vs. Zelda"
By Animorp206

First, I have to say that I totally disagree. (i know it's a bad idea to be siding with Zelda on a Mario page, so let me just say that I like Mario, I just like Zelda better. So if I say anything against Mario, it is only in defense of Zelda.) Also, you do see Zelda pictures in Mario games. (Link is sleeping an the rose town hotel in smrpg, and Mario, yoshi, and Link appear in dkc2.) And the reason why there are so many Mario games and so few Zelda games I simple. Mario games are easy to make. If nintendo wanted to, they could finish at least five Mario games in a year. So because of this, nintendo lacks the time needed to work hard and come out with a much better game. Zelda, on the other hand, nintendo is more careful with. They work long and hard to make Zelda games, unlike Mario. ImMgine a scene inside nintendo headquaters.

S. Miamoto is busy planning his next Zelda game. "Okay, this is going to be the best game for the N64. It will star Link-"
Someone else cuts him off. "but the fans want it now!" Says the guy that interupted Miyamoto. "we have to give them something in the meantime."
Miyamoto simply says, "Aw, just give them another Mario game. Let's call it... Super Mario plays pinball!"

See my point? And about getting the girl, you don't have to get the girl to be cool! Besides, Zelda endings are much better! With Mario, it's usually a simple 'Thank you, Mario'. (but smrpg had a really good ending.) And I have only beaten one Zelda game(the ocarina of time) so I don't know what the other endings are like, (but I will when I beat more Zelda games) but I know that ocarina of time's ending was better than any Mario ending. (i am not talking about the ending, for people who want to be surprised) and by the way, princess Toadstool would kiss anyone who saved her! When princess Zelda gets rescued by Link, she won't just immediately jump into his arms, yell "my hero!" And start kissing him. She knows that, even if she is in love with Link, it just isn't right to start kising somebody, you should at least date them first! To princess Toadstool, everyone who rescues her is the same to her. If you save her as Luigi, she will kiss him on the nose and say "Thank you, Mario!" Besides, she has to consider that maybe Mario/luigi/toad/whoever is saving her... Does not like her! Maybe he's just saving her because it is the right thing to do and he is a superhero! Besides, if Mario is only saving the world for the kiss on the nose peach gives him, then Mario is very greedy. I mean think about it. What if peach was on vacation, and bowser just took over the world without taking peach. The world would be doomed!

Link, on the other hand, does not need to be bribed into saving the world. He knows the world needs saving, and so he saves it! He does not need a kiss on the nose from Marin (or princess Zelda, depending upon the game) to save the world! And besides, with Zelda, you can have fun with more than one person unlike Mario. With Mario, the person playing is having fun, while the other person can only watch and yell "jump! Aw, you missed that 1-up, you moron!" While in Zelda, the person who watches can help, by helping to solve the puzzles. In my opinion, watching someone else play Zelda is much better than watching someone else playing Mario. (2-player simultanius Mario games don't count.) That is all I have to say. Once again, remember that I do like Mario, I only like Zelda better.

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