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Rebuttal to "Mario Vs. Zelda"
By Koopa The Quick

First off: In case this is really important, I LOVE THE GAME KNOWN AS ZELDA.

Anyway, Zelda is, in my opinion, the greatest series of all time. Much better than Mario. Most that Mr. Trucco said was true, but there was one thing he totally forgot. THE GAME. Sure, he commented on the ending and how Mario was in Zelda but not the other way around, but he forgot the important things.

For example, take characters. In Mario, there are princesses. And dinosaurs. And really cute mushrooms. And dragons. In Zelda, you get... princesses again. You also have... elfs. And humans. And insane people. And the coolest monsters you can get (check out Barinade!).

Now go into sound. Mario's voice is... italian. That's nice. Link's voice is... childish. That's nice. Link's adult voice is much cooler! While in Mario, the voices are talked, leaving room for problems. In Zelda there are only background sounds such as murmering in Hyrule Castle Market. Can't get too awful for that, can you? In Mario there are... nice songs. In Zelda there's very good music, from the introduction to the final battle.

When it comes to graphics, cinima scenes, and the like, Zelda is cooler. Much cooler than the lowly sprites of Mario. Even you Mario 64 fans would admit it.

For stories, Zelda wins. Hands down. In Mario you... save a princess! How nice! In Zelda you save a princess, but there is much more to it than that. You also get to save the entire world of Hyrule, slaying monsters & viewing an entire village in flames... all leading up to the final battle with Ganon. Except for Mr. Trucco, most people like these amazing plot twists. Some people do think it gets mixed up, but that adds to the fun & excitement!

Then there is the endings. Mario's ending has much more closure, but that doesn't leave much room for a sequel unless it is the exact same story. Problems there. Zelda's endings leave room for a sequel. So Link is drifting on a broken raft, sees the Wind Fish, and smiles. Plenty of room for a sequel! How will he ever get back to Hyrule?

All of these facts lead up to the fact that Zelda is much cooler than Mario in terms of Game Play, Story Line, and Length of Play. All of these make for the better buy!

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