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Rebuttal to "Mario, the True Video Game Hero"
By Tiger5913

    I really disagree with Crystal Mew in her rebuttal to "Mario, the true video game hero", I think it's cool that she's defending female video game characters, and there's nothing wrong w/ that and all, but that's no reason to knock down Mario and Link you know (And I'm not being sexist, I'm a girl too). Those 2 are true heroes, they don't neglect their friends, brothers, girlfriends, or whatever. I haven't played any Final Fantasy games and I'm not saying anything against Aerith and Terra (whoever they are).

    Also what do you mean "And you'd NEVER see Peach, Luigi or Toad DIE to save a whole world for crikey sake!" You ever played SMB2 or SMRPG?

    And what the hell did you mean by, "Mario doesn't deserve the mantle of TRUE VIDEO GAME HERO. It goes to someone who cares about their friends. Mario, doesn't. He ignores Luigi, ignores Peach, He ignores EVERYONE!" Think about it, if Mario neglected anyone then why does he have friends and allies?

    And what's this...? "I know by this point you are lost and asking why am I writing this. (I sure am) Why am I writing this? (Exactly) To make my point: Mario shouldn't get the title, neither should Link. It should go to people to who actually DESERVE it. Mario would never save an entire planet from a face painted mad man (No Not a certain red and black painted Dark Lord of the Sith...I mean Kefka!), a lab created freak or a witch! (FF8 folks.) But Aerith and Terra would." Hey, ever heard of Bowser, Wario, Smithy, & Tatanga? How about Ganondorf, Ganon, & Agahnim? Didn't all those bad guys threaten Mario & Link's world?

    I think you're the one who should "take some time to think about it". Whoever Aerith & Terra are, I'm sure they deserve the title of being a hero and all, but come on! Give the other video game heroes some credit! Don't put down other characters just cause they had more games than those two what's-their-names!

    If you disagree with me or want to say a comment, e-mail me at

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