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Rebuttal to "Mario: The true Video Game Hero"
By Dr. Mario

    Hi it's me, Dr. Mario. I was reading all the rebuttals and if I didn't know better I'd think that I was a bad person! Well I won't take it personal, just want to say a few words.

    I didn't really mean Mario to be a hero per say. After all Mario is a fictional character, and a funny one at that. I was trying to ecplain why Mario is one of the perfect characters to be in popular society and why he's such a good money making product. As I said, Mario can promote practically anything without losing his integrety (if he had any). While such characters as Link and Crono just wouldn't be cut out to sell bathtime squeese toys. Being a Zelda and Chrono Trigger fan I can say that we all don't want to see that, but if that happened to Mario (it probably has) nobody would really care.

    I got to say in Mario's defence that I think he's a great guy! I always watched the Mario cartoons and while I'm one of those people who like Luigi (actually Toad was my favourite) Mario is a good guy. He's kind of got a split personality because he's so different in everything (in the cartoon he was smart, but in the live skits he was dumb). Anyway the general consences is that he's sort of simple, but I think he's lovable. And for anyone who thinks he doesn't give enough credit to hsi brother and to the rest of his pals, it's not his fault! The Princess will say "Thank you Mario" to Luigi, so Luigi would probably get pissed but hey it's not Mario's fault, it's Toadstool's! Anway you're probably thinking I'm going somewhere with this, but I'm not. Mario is a great guy and will always be Nintendo's #1 Hero (wether he's being heroic or not), but especially now he isn't stealing the glory from all the other Heroes out there like Zelda and Samus.

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