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Rebuttal to "Mario, the true video game hero"
By Killer B

Okay, Let's get this straight. The Rant that Dr. Mario put definitely hit the wrong note. Here's why:

    1. Mario: The true video game hero??: To me, Well, I say, NO. What about Link, or Samus Aran, or Yoshi, or even LUIGI? Mario's not THE ONLY true video game hero. They all are true video game heros, Not just Mario.

    2. Well, If there is a hero, Where's the enemies? What happened to BOWSER?! or GOOMBA?! or The HAMMER BROS.?! SHEESH!

    3. I agree with what Jay Resop said, But not only sidekicks help heros out. Regular people can help out too by giving the hero facts about what he/she is up against.

    4.Well, one more thing that isn't about this, This is when Dr. Mario was talking about "Zelda only had Zelda bubble bath" or something like that. Now, Get this: THERE WERE ZELDA CARTOONS. REMEMBER? Every Friday Zelda would come up on The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!.

There! Got that out of my hair. If anyone disagrees and rebuttals to this, Just Call me Killer-B. Bye

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