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Rebuttal to "Mario:The true video game hero"
By Jay Resop

This is Jay Resop, who some of you know as "that annoying neglected characters guy." I was just reading Dr. Mario's rant on what it takes to be a hero. While I feel he has hit upon many of the points, I feel he has missed THE TWO greatest points on what it takes to be a hero. These are:
  1. Great Sidekicks and Interesting Co-Stars and
  2. The Evilest and Coolest Enemies.
You know that I know everything there is to know about neglected characters, so let me explain to you my reasoning. Anyone can be a superhero. There are many people with the qualities that Dr. Mario explained but still are not heroes. Take Barney for example. He has his own merchandise and has been around for a while, but he is not a hero. Movie stars are the most popular people on Earth, and yet they will never be heroes.

First off, let me tell you that a hero NEEDS sub-characters, co-stars. There is no one man army. If Mario was to go out and save the ENTIRE Mushroom world from Bowser and all his forces, he could not succeed. He needs friends to help him out every step of the way. This goes back to Neglected Characterism. The only real reason there are heroes is that everyone else in Mario games aren't as "popular". Mario is just one huge ego-maniac bent on World Domination. I bet when Bowser was defeated at the end of Super Mario Bros., the entire gang was there-Luigi, Toad, and the Princess, and when the press asked who saved the day, Mario stepped up and knocked Luigi to the ground. And since that day Mario has been more famous.

Another thing heroes need are Bad-Guys. Otherwise, who are they going to fight??? Heroes need psychos who are obsessed with power. If there isn't a freak going around enslaving poor helpless Mushrooms, who is Mario going to save??? And if he can't save anyone, he isn't a hero. Plus the co-stars have to look cool and fit their role in the game. Toad is a small little Mushroom who is quick enough to run around helping Mario. Bowser is ugly and scary enough to scare a 3 year old kid. The bad-guy has to be scary, or the Hero won't get as much credit. If the final boss in Super Mario World was a, lets say, a tiny pink bunny rabbit, then the Super NES would fail and Nintendo would go bankrupt. It's that simple.

So in conclusion, Super Heroes need, and are created by, gullible and shy sidekicks and super-evil bad-guys.

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