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Rebuttal to "The Mario Movie"
By Vorpal64

Let's take a look at what we have here:

-- To many it is the ultimate insult to the gaming delight that is Mario. To others, it's an official storyline to base the games on. To a few, it's a great, cinematic masterpiece. Everyone has an opinion about Super Mario Bros., the Movie. It's one of the great Mario debates out there. Lets look into it

Ok I agree with this. Nicely done and put out.

-- First of all, the movie is anything but an official storyline. Anyone saying that is being a blithering idiot.


-- I don't think any game collaborates with anything in the movie (well, maybe the bob-omb does). Although it is an interesting story involving Mario and friends (and enemies) it is by no means official (even if Miyamato did help with the script.)

Ok I'll disagree. The bob-omb is the farthest thing from the real game. They are about half the size of Mario and have a mind of their own. They aren't a small dinky toy. No more complaints.

-- Now, lets look at some of the movies flaws. First, I'd cite it's many inconsistencies with the games. Goombas do NOT wear trench coats and are NOT as tall as Mario for one thing.

Goombas are taller than Mario. MARIO GROWS!! Ever heard of a Super Mushroom (not in movie).

-- Bowser Koopa is NOT a rich, controlling politician (Don't gimme the devolution stuff either. That's too weird).

If you are going to dis the movie, UNDERSTAND it first (the devolution is very quite simple to understand, it makes great use of the plot, but you were to busy finding flaws in the movie to pay attention to the plot).

Mario and Luigi never had super shoes to jump (well, actually they could , so that isn't too big). There's a lot of stuff that just plain doesn't fit.

You don't know for a fact that they don't have super shoes. Everything makes sense with the plot but as I said earlier you didn't pay attention to it.

-- Now what about the story. Is it gripping and dramatic, or hokey and stupid? My vote goes to hokey. You can tell from about 10 minutes into the movie what's going to happen for the rest of it.

I'm glad you read the script before watching. The movie changes very quickly and is good to watch. My vote is for neither. All movies can't be classified by these two subjects. I'd call it new and something not to complain about.

-- Bowser's two idiot side kicks are equally predictable in their "comic" relief (If it can be considered comical).

It can.

-- The movie seems to make a grasp for the cheap laugh, and mostly doesn't succeed (Although I did like the bob-omb running gag).

Have you heard that there is something called humor. Even if it is cheap it is still good for a few laughs. I'd rather laugh at a corny joke than be bored to death by a plot line that I'm familiar with (Mario's plot line to be correct). If the movie was not new (in plot line) as it is people would be complaining that it is the very same thing as the video game.

-- When it tries a heart warming scene out (Like Yoshi in chains or the good bye scene) it comes out seeming scripted and phony... not heart-wrenching. Overall the whole thing leaves you unsatisfied.

I think that was the point, but you might be thinking of a different movie.

-- So, were there any good points to this box office bombshell?

It was da bomb not the bombshell.

-- Well, it did have a lot of the characters from the game... and, um, it did get some terminology right (The Mushroom Kingdom, for instance), but that's all I can think of.

You're right. But the intent of the movie was to make it a new story.

-- Overall, the movie is a joke, and something that, in my opinion, a true Mario fan should forget about.

I'm a true Mario fan. I have a site with him on it. I own tons of games with it. I'm creating a biography for him on my page for Pete's sake. A true Mario fan would see the movie as a new story. Regard it as false. ENJOY the movie. and be on their merry way. Nuff said.

Vorpal's Final Thought:

The movie is in fact false. But the movie brought some in sight to us all even though it is not the real plot line. The story shows that Daisy is not in love with Mario, Peach is -- this shows that they are different. Their last names are mentioned in the Movie which keeps them from calling the game Super Luigi Brothers. It also shows that some people have a brain and can think up of new and different plot lines.

If you have any problems with this rebuttal e-mail me at Don't bother anyone that works on this page because they work hard and don't need any e-mail that should be sent to me. Thank you.

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