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Rebuttal to "The Mario Movie"
By JaM

Many people have had some really bad comments on, "The Mario Movie", but let's take a closer look at some positive points, shall we?

OK, first of all, let me start off by saying that Super Mario Brothers was a live action movie, and if they tried to copy everything exactly to a tee, it just wouldn't work. They couldn't have goombas coming up to Mario's knees! They couldn't have a guy walking around in a rubber bowser suit that would scare the kids and look WAY too phony to us hardcore fans. They "Adapted" the idea of Mario and his storyline to a way they could use it in a movie. It's like whenever you read a book, then watch the movie based on it, sure, you're always kind of upset because they leave stuff out and put new stuff in, but that's the way it is. They are NOT going to try to copy everything exactly. They're trying to please the general public, not us.

If you think the movie seemed lame, hokey, and stupid, that's because it was kids film! A family movie. It was based to entertain kids and please parents. It was supposed to be a funny, hardly dramatic movie the general audience could appreciate.

Now, don't think I wasn't a little dissapointed myself, because, well, there were alot of things missing. But, how often is a video game series honored with having a movie made after it? Now very often. I can't even think of one other time that's happened. So, I'll keep my channels of HBO and MAX, and whenever "Super Mario Brothers" comes on, you know I'll be watching it. So just remember, if you really hate the movie that much because you're a huge Mario fan, there's always the video games. =)

Comments on my rebuttal? Feel free to e-mail me at

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