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Rebuttal to "Mario vs. Banjo-Kazooie"
By Killer B

(NOTE: People, This is HBK. I have changed my name again. Sorry. I am redoing a rebuttal that I messed up on this Mario vs. B-K bit.)

Okay, Here we go. First of all, Saint, This is stupid. I hate it when someone bashes into one of my favorite games. B-K is fun. I have never seen so many funny, weird and cool chatacters in a game like B-K. Saint, No offence, But B-K boring? I hate to screw ya, But ya right! If you don't like the game, THEN DON'T PLAY IT. Don't you get the fact? You know who you remind me of? Tony Trucco. You probably think that Mario is better just because Nintendo makes more Mario games while Banjo has 2 (He was also in Diddy Kong Racing.) and because they think Mario is better. Well, If you do, You're wrong. (If you want to see why, See Jay's Rebuttal to Mario vs. Zelda.) And another thing, Its not the graphics, Or speed that matters in both Mario 64 and B-K. ITS CONTROL. Both B-K and Mario have EXCELLENT Control. Get it through your head.

Endings: I don't know the ending to B-K, But its probably the same as Mario 64.

FINAL: Its a tie. Both are fun games. AND SAINT, DON'T EVER BASH INTO B-K AGAIN. GOT IT?! Good.

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