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Rebuttal to "SM64 vs. BK"
By ::The Saint::

Hello, I am here to say Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie are NOT even. But that Mario is better in so many ways it's not even funny. So, let's get started...

Overworlds: Mario's IS better. You have more options of which level to go to next, there are more levels (B-K may have bigger levels but they arent as packed with stuff as Mario's) You can get where you want to be faster (B-K is slower even if you found all the pots) And when I'm running around in the same HUGE (*too* huge, mind you) overworld fighting off & avoiding dangers and stuff JUST to get to the next level (like in B-K) I just find it annoying and not needed all together. Mario Wins.

Now for size (or game design it should be called): I will say Mario wins because you DONT have to go around collecting a bunch of crap with the slowest character ever seen in a videogame. To collect notes & jinjos you have to spend at LEAST an hour on the average level so if you dont want to play for that long in one sitting, too bad. AND B-K can get extremely tedious in it's collecting and I must say I hate it and I hate the fact you need to get both notes and jiggies JUST to get a fresh level with something new. I will also add that B-K has no extras, it forces you to explore the entire level by collecting things and theres nothing left when your done. While Mario only has you do certain tasks and theres plenty to do afterwards (collecting 100 coins is optional, there are hidden stars in the game, you dont even have to get all the regular stars!) Mario's design is better by giving the player more freedom and letting him choose his own adventure, ending up being more fun too.

Graphically Banjo *does* win, no duh. But I would like to add Mario's framerates are better in open areas. And in sound I'd say Mario wins. But that's an opinion thing, I find Banjo's sound & music more annoying than Mario's

Control: I will agree with you on this one. Mario whoops Banjo in control. Banjo is VERY slow-moving and Kazooie is a little out of control (but STILL slower than Mario). A lot of their attacks are useless and the time it takes to switch between Banjo and Kazooie (or just the fact that you have to) on some spots can range from iritating to downright deadly. And the button combos it takes to make them do their moves are not well thought out and in the heat of play if you happen to push one button before you push the other. You could end up with the opposite effect you were going for, *this* could also lead to diying and having to tediously collect items all over again. As for underwater, they turn too slowly, paddling is too slow and flapping is too fast, and switching between the two modes takes too long. This can also result in drowning and tediously collecting items all over again. Flying controls are easy, so easy it takes the fun out of it. Not to mention you can run out of feathers making for more tediou s collecting. Oh yeah, and the mumbo things that you have to collect because it's required to get jiggies later is MORE collecting which is more of the same, which is boring and tedious (ok, getting a little off the mark here). BUT, I have nothing but good to say about Mario's control, 'cept maybe the swimming could still be worked on.

Anything else: B-K's worlds are far more deadly than Mario's making you follow a certain path and limiting exploraton and replay value (not that Rare put any extras in the game for you to find). If you didn't know, the little game at the end cheats, I have written down answers only to find them being wrong 5 minutes later. And if you didn't catch it before, both characters in B-K are very slow making the already tedious collecting even more boring and tedious, I'm never going back to this game again (a jigsaw puzzle game and making B&K look different are pretty crappy extras, not to mention it takes a half an hour to do them all and they dont even save, making even the extras tedious) But Mario, it's levels were open in nature, letting you go to new places pretty early, constantly doing new things (not collecting the same items you have been for the whole game) and has lots of extras like cannons and koopa shells which can be used later simply for fun. This also hapens to be done with much less worries of bei ng killed and having to start over, making it more fun. By the way, don't try to make an arguement out of collecting Red Coins. (8 coins is nothing compared to 100 notes. Plus, there not required to beat the game)

Overall: Mario wins hands down, I really dont see why people like B-K. I never knew slow-moving, over-complicated, tedious, boring, kiddie-styled yet challenging "collecting games" (the new genre that B-K has created) with no replay value were so popular. Who knew...

- ::TheSaint::

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