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Rebuttal to "The Problem with Sequels"
By Sleep Kirby

I tottaly argre with Lioness740, they can't make a direct sequel to SMRPG, if they did, that would screw up the Mario History and wouldn't be a seller at all. But SMRPG2 will not be a sequel to SMRPG, I've heard Myamaoto say that: 'Will we have events that have happened in the Mario games be in the game," or something like that. The point is, it will not be the sequel to SMRPG, rather it will be a overview of the Mario games, Bowser will kidnap Peach, you will beat up Bowser, and free Peach, then go and get stuck in a sewer and you will be in a far away place, then you could go back in the sewer and then go back to the Mushroom Kingdom and find that Yoshi is visiting, or something. But what I can't stand is this game being called a kiddie game with bad graphics. HAL Labs is doing this, and Kirby rocked (all 10 of them) so this game will be different, but cool.

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