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The Possible Political Ramifications of Mario's Trip to the Olympics

By Sean P. Kelly

I should note that this rant contains some iffy political subject matter and that I am going to try to stay as neutral as possible.

You knew that it would happen one day. Former rivals Mario and Sonic have finally teamed up in their own game. Even though it's with the umpteenth Mario Sports game, it is the most prestigious of all sporting events -- the Olympic Games.

However, as timing would have it, it takes place at the 2008 Beijing games.

I don't blame Nintendo or Sega for setting this game at the Beijing Olympics. It would be only natural to set the game at the upcoming Olympics.

However, the Beijing games is probably the most controversial Olympics in years.

I think the biggest issue comes from China's ongoing occupation of Tibet, which has already resulted in groups protesting the Olympics and calling for a boycott.

In my opinion, all we need is one high-profile complaint about putting Mario and Sonic in a game about the Beijing Olympics to create a major PR disaster for Nintendo and Sega.

Then again, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself and nothing will happen as a result of this game (personally, I'm more upset that Toronto didn't get the 2008 games)

For SMBhq, I'm Sean Kelly

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