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I'd like to clear up the feud between Sony, Nintendo and XBox fans

By Nut

Editor's Note: Not a Mario rant, but still interesting

OK, so I'm getting quite annoyed with the Sony/Nintendo/XBox fanclubs that seem to be on at the moment in many gamer's forums.

I myself, like PS2, like Nintendo (and you're not a 'poser' if you like both so MLEH!) and I'm wary of XBox, though the 360 does look good.

PS2 came out a while after the N64, and it was a good console, starring racing games then Ratchet and Clank... anyway, I digress. I don't see why some people call it a 'Gaystation' or the PS 'Poo'.

Nintendo Gamecube was the progression from N64 which had good graphics and great games. I got one for Christmas with the Zelda package and it was amazing. I can't think of any other names the Sony and/or XBox fanboys called it other than the Crapcube.

The XBox looked expensive and I wasn't sure of it. My friend owns one and I played Halo with her brother on XBox Live. It was a good game, but I got bored easily - but remember, I still liked the console. The fanboys of Nintendo and or Sony are still peeving me after two or so years, saying it's a Crap Box or a XSux.

Now we have the DS, a GBA and the PSP.

The DS has amazing games, some purely brilliant innovation and nothing is 'forced'. The 3rd party games (coughMadagascarcough) aren't too good but they still tried, but I have alot of the games and I must say that they are great. People called it the Dumb-Screen and the Dodgy-S.

The GBA has had its fair share of good games from Pokemon to Fire Emblem to Mario and remember that it was only supposed to be a handheld console so it wasn't exactly the best. Though enemys of it called it the Gay Boy Advance.

Now, the PSP. I bought mine in France and it was a great console. It could get Internet and it played some great games with good graphics. Now we have a feud about what's better, DS or PSP?

I personally feel that everyone has their own opinion, but remember, the PSP is more like a Portable Media Center and the DS is a Gameboy with a touch-screen. None are better, they're both good, but there's no need to fight over this.

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