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misslabed Koopas

By Kaptain Koopa

Something very annoying to me is that in the "How to draw Nintendo heroes and villains" book (from 2000, published by Troll) it shows a clear-as-day picture of Bowser, BUT, instead of saying "Bowser" it says "Kerog", Who in the world is KEROG!?! Every other name in the book is right but not his! I've heard "King of the Koopas", "King Koopa", "Bowser","Morton", "Bowser Koopa", "King Bowser Koopa", "Koopa", "King Bowser Morton Koopa", but never in my 5 years of Mario collecting or my 9 years of playing Mario games did I ever hear of a Kerog besides this book!

- Kaptain Koopa

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